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    Feb 3, 2015

    "The Walking Dead" Stars Reveal How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    And how they'd want to die, since it's inevitable.

    BuzzFeed caught up with The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Steven Yeun (Glenn), and showrunner Scott Gimple before the TimesTalk panel to answer a few apocalypse-themed questions.

    Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris

    From left to right: Steven Yeun, executive producer-showrunner Scott M. Gimple, and Andrew Lincoln

    Who should be the next person to die off on the show?

    Scott Gimple: Oh no, I have to do it all in time… I would say me. I would love to sit down and having a meeting with myself.

    Steven Yeun: Oh god, this is horrible. You know, I'm gonna choose Glenn. I HAVE to choose Glenn.

    Andrew Lincoln: Yeah, I'm gonna have myself taken out as well.

    SG: You see, the joke though to break the pattern is for you to go, I say me. Steven says Glenn, and then you say Glenn. That's just so funny.

    SY: Yeah yeah, we should do that. Or we could just say Scott?

    AL: Yeah we should really just say Scott.

    SG: You see, there's definitely fans out there that'll say that too; we'll just say that.


    If you were in a zombie apocalypse yourself, which weapon would you choose if you could pick just one?

    SG: Well… you know what the greatest weapon is…

    AL: Chainsaw…?

    (Gimple points to his head)

    AL, SY: Ohhhhhh the miiiiiiiind.

    SY: Or…a seven iron? 'Cause you can do the approach shot; you can use it as a putter; you can DRIVE with it.

    SG: Norman, let me tell you; Norman made it work…maybe too much.

    SY: Yeah yeah made out of carbon fiber…or graphite.

    AL: Well I've used ALL the weapons so look I mean…my Colt. It's my trusty steed. Except for when I lose the steed.


    If you HAD to die, which way would you want to go out in a zombie apocalypse?

    SG: I mean, I'm being so cheeky but…in my sleep? I could tell you the worst ways OR the best ways. The best way is like in your sleep…after a nice meal.

    AL: Mmmm, oh yeah.

    SG: Or, you might wanna go all the way to Doctor Strange mode, like riding a nuclear weapon.

    SY: Nuke it! Or like in Terminator 2? Going down into molten lava with the thumbs-up at the very end! There's a new one coming out — I saw a trailer for it.

    AL: I think… I never want to die. Or you think you're being saved, we get to the coast, and you see all of these boats out there and you think, Oh my god, amazing, so then you swim to the boat and get eaten by a shark.

    SG: You could also get on to the boat, there's food there, everybody welcomes you but you trip on the way in…

    Universal Studios

    Which one of these would be the hardest to survive in realistically: a zombie apocalypse, a robot apocalypse, or an alien apocalypse?

    SG: I would say…aliens.

    AL: Hmmmm…yeahhh.

    SY: Yeah, I mean with aliens you just don't know. There would be way more unknowns.

    SG: You know, you could hit all three if it's The Borg from Star Trek. Yeah, that ticks off every box. I mean one could say the people are alive but it's kinda "zomebie-ish." I would just say avoid The Borg at all costs.

    BV: We could get lucky and get very simple aliens? Something where you're like, Oh, this isn't so bad. Not as bad as in my dreams.

    SG: Oh yeah, maybe sort of a…lesser superman.

    SY: Yeah yeah yeah, or what if they're all just like…one-legged people?

    AL: One-legged people can be quite the badasses.

    SG: Maybe that's a really big leg.

    SY: That's true — maybe they'll have stronger legs than us.

    AL: Or perhaps an electronic prosthetic leg? Back to the robots.

    SG: Oh yeah, that's how they'll get ya. Alien cyborgs!


    The Walking Dead returns on Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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