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26 Pictures Literally Every Parent Will Relate To

Stop trying to make “sleep” happen. It’s not going to happen.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for the funniest parenting meme they've ever seen. Here are the hilarious results.

Note: Not all images were submitted by Community members.

1. When you just want five more minutes in bed, but your kids still come and find you:

Warner Bros / Via

2. When you first learn there's no such thing as sleeping in:

3. The word "morning" takes on a whole new meaning:

4. When you spot another parent in the wild:

Lionsgate / Via

5. When you can only ask your kids nicely so many times:

6. When your kids overwhelm you beyond words:

ABC / Via

—Chandra Robrock, Facebook

7. And when your kids really try to push your limit:

8. When you try to keep your cool when your kids are acting up in public:

/ Warner Bros / Via

9. But you have your subtle ways of dealing with them:

10. When you realize there's no escape from being a parent:

11. Your kids find you in the places you thought were sacred:

12. And you learn to truly cherish those little moments of freedom:

Robert Wise Productions / Via

13. When you're excited, but terrified, when you first find out you’re going to be a parent:


14. When you can't get your kids to just EAT:


15. When you realize the apple doesn't fall far from the tree:


16. When you look to coffee and booze for strength:


17. When you try to get your kids to do literally anything:

18. When it feels like every day is a battle of wills:

New Line Cinema / Via

19. When you're ambushed by your kid's sippy cup:

NBC / Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

20. When you realize it can always be worse:

Universal Studios


21. When you learn your weekends will never be the same:

22. When you're determined to get a good picture:

Instagram: @thepimblottdiaries

—Sam Luciano, Facebook

23. When your kids asking you for things becomes routine:

TNT / Via Instagram: @gotiskastiljewelry

—Brendan Carey, Facebook

24. When you hear non-parents complain about how tired they are:

Warner Bros / Via Instagram: @byeboobyeee

25. Sometimes, you just have to accept that being a parent will change your life:

Paramount Pictures / Via Instagram: @spartanup_

26. But in the end, even though you're exhausted most of time, being a parent is totally worth it.

Dreamworks / Via

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