23 GIFs That'll Make You Question Your Entire Existence

    WARNING: There's some weirdness coming your way.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us the most WTF GIF they've ever seen. Here are the insane results.

    1. Emma Watson morphing into Sofia Vergara.

    2. This hamster spitting out AN EYE.

    3. This water bottle illusion f@#k.

    4. The real way french fries are made.

    5. These dolphin boobs.

    6. This real commercial of a man assaulting a woman with nose bananas.

    7. This horse making pancakes for a goat.

    8. This person covered in... ice cream?

    9. This woman sprinkling some dead skin onto pasta.

    10. This very angry panda.

    11. Arnold's third arm.

    12. The GIF that ruined your childhood.

    13. This mascot EATING A CHEERLEADER.

    14. This man eating a chocolate shoe.

    15. This other man eating a chocolate door handle.

    16. This dog riding a dolphin.

    17. This man riding a pizza slice in space.

    Submitted by @JonWhatthehell.

    18. This dinner time alarm.

    19. This mutant Mama June.

    20. This phone with a TONGUE.

    21. This maddening tea set illusion.

    22. This walking dog with cartoon arms.

    Submitted by @MastersonChloe.

    23. And whatever the hell this is.

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