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19 Amazing Things About Growing Your Family Through Adoption

Adoption is a journey.

1. Families created through adoption are some of the most colorful and unique.

2. Adoption allows couples with reproductive challenges to become parents.

3. It allows same-sex couples to become parents.

4. It allows single people to become parents.

5. It allows children who are neglected, orphaned, or abused — or whose birth parents are unable to care for them — to find healthy homes and loving parents.

6. There are lots of great adopted role models:

7. Adoption can expand your worldview.

8. Adoption stretches the boundaries and understanding of what a family should be...

9. While home studies can be a pain in the ass, they are a vital part of the adoption process. Afterward you’re not only qualified to adopt...

10. You get fingerprinted and an FBI background check...

11. Jumping through all the hoops of the adoption process builds character and teaches patience and perseverance.

12. Once you've completed the home study, social worker interviews, CPR training, and parenting classes, you’re completely vetted, well-trained, and extremely informed.

13. The day an adoption is finalized is such a joy and a relief.

14. In addition to birthdays and anniversaries, many adoptive families celebrate their own special holiday: Gotcha Day!

15. Adoption shows that who a person becomes has more to do with how they’re raised...

16. Adoption isn’t charity.

17. Once the documents are all signed and the court dates are past, you’re just like any other family.

18. There are no accidental adoptions.

19. The truth is, adoption is always born out of loss.

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