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19 Amazing Things About Growing Your Family Through Adoption

Adoption is a journey.

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6. There are lots of great adopted role models:

Brent Almond

John Lennon, Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs, Babe Ruth, Nelson Mandela, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa, Greg Louganis, Edgar Allan Poe, Malcolm X, Presidents Gerald Ford & Bill Clinton, first ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan, Jamie Foxx, Dave Thomas, Eartha Kitt, Moses, and Superman, to name a few.


9. While home studies can be a pain in the ass, they are a vital part of the adoption process. Afterward you’re not only qualified to adopt...

Brent Almond also have a clean, child-proofed home, working smoke detectors, a fire escape plan, your taxes in order, updated physicals, a really nice scrapbook, and fond remembrances of all of the places you've lived in the last 20 years!

12. Once you've completed the home study, social worker interviews, CPR training, and parenting classes, you’re completely vetted, well-trained, and extremely informed.


14. In addition to birthdays and anniversaries, many adoptive families celebrate their own special holiday: Gotcha Day!

Brent Almond

Whether it commemorates the day a child first came to live with a family or the day their adoption was finalized, it's a wonderful way to celebrate the uniqueness of adoption and becoming a "forever family."

17. Once the documents are all signed and the court dates are past, you’re just like any other family.

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Celebrations and tantrums; victories and heartaches; tears and laughter; hugs and kisses. But most importantly, belonging.

18. There are no accidental adoptions.

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Adoptions are intentional and thought-out, hoped for and planned for. Out of all the parents and children in the world, you were brought together to be a family. You were meant to be.

19. The truth is, adoption is always born out of loss.

Brent Almond

The loss suffered when a child is separated from their birth parents. A lost dream of having a biological child. Lost years trying to become — or find — a family. Yet while adoption begins with loss, it always ends with hope and restoration. It always ends with a family.