12 Reasons BBC America Is The Best Channel Ever

If you have never witnessed the greatness that is BBC America than you are sadly missing out

1. Lets start off with just saying they have adds like this

oooo snakey

2. They let this man host a talk show

silly Graham

3. These three host their most popular show

its about cars?

4. This is on everyday

5. A Lost Hobbit hosts a show about animals

6. James May even gets his own show

7. It’s a safe heaven for Nerds

8. This is their newest show

its about clones, better go watch it now

9. Americans think they are secretly British

ya I’d agree with that

10. Americans will start talking with a British accent after watching one episode of Doctor Who

thats a fact

11. Theres also this…

12. Most Americans can’t understand half of what anyone is saying

most probably don’t know who this is either, but if you do then you most likely can’t understand her

In BBC America we trust

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