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    • brandona19

      I don’t get it. “12” refers to a pro-war propaganda piece for WWI, referencing Germans specifically. “1”, I have myself been mishandled by law enforcement, more than once. “2” is invalid in and of itself. Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered and violated because of being homosexual, then his funeral was mocked publicly by the Westboro Baptists and ilk. “4” has been used in my presence because of being from WV alone, independent of race. “9”, I have *lost* a job in part because of appearance and I don’t look bad. “14” is in and of itself untrue; I have observed police doing their actual job in several situations randomly accosting white people. “15” white Africans expelled from their countries after independence struggles in the later 20th century are told precisely this, to “just get over” something individually and systemically traumatic. “17” people who have their minds so warped as to need their individual identities to be justified by external sources are weak and petty.

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