17 Deplorable Examples Of White Privilege

    And this isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Because of white privilege, you'll never have to worry about becoming the victim of law enforcement officers.

    2. Thankfully, you'll never have to know what it feels like to see your teenage son's death being mocked.

    3. Because of white privilege, you'll never have to inform your children of the harsh realities of systemic racism.

    4. White privilege means you can be articulate and well spoken without people being "surprised."

    5. Because of white privilege, you'll never know what it's like to have the following statistic looming over your head.

    6. You can wear and act however you'd like without being labeled a thug, low life, gangster, etc.

    7. White privilege allows you to speak on any particular subject without being the sole representative for your entire race.

    8. White privilege means no one questions why you got that really great job; it's assumed you were just highly qualified.

    9. White privilege means not having to worry about your hair, skin color, or cultural accessories as the reason you didn't get a job.

    10. White privilege means you don't have to worry about being monitored in a store just because the hue of your skin is a bit darker than most.

    11. Having white privilege means people will never label you a terrorist.

    12. White privilege means not being affected by negative stereotypes that have been perpetuated and ingrained so much into American society that people believe them to be fact.

    13. White privilege means you never have to explain why cultural appropriation is a bad thing.

    14. White privilege means not having to worry about being stopped and frisked.

    15. If you benefit from white privilege, you'll never be told to "get over slavery."

    16. White privilege means that you're never just your own person.

    17. Benefitting from white privilege means you can walk the Earth unaware of your color.