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    13 Perfect Halloween Costumes For Anyone Who Grew Up In The '90s

    Impress your friends and bedevil your foes!

    1. Steve Urkel from Family Matters


    The nerdy neighbor of the Winslow family, Steve Urkel, eventually became the show’s main character. You can get the look with a pair of thick eyeglasses, pants held up by suspenders, a multi-colored sweater, and a high-pitched voice.

    2. Will from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


    From breathlessly hilarious moments to some real tearjerkers, this show has permanently etched itself into our hearts. To get Will's look, simply shop preppy school uniform gear, or you can do street fashion with bright colors and a baseball cap worn backwards.

    3. Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess


    Xena is a warrior seeking redemption by using her fighting skills to now help the defenseless. To get the look, wear a badass warrior suit with a few fake swords and weapons.

    4. Wednesday from The Addams Family


    Wednesday is a natural brilliant talent who loves painting headless people and writing poems for her pet spiders. To get the look, wear two long braids and a white collared shirt underneath a dark cardigan.

    5. Helga G. Pataki from Hey Arnold!


    Helga was a mean-spirited kid on the outside, but a poetic and lovable person within. Take inspiration from her unibrow—which can be easily drawn—and a set of blonde pigtails with a pink dress and ribbon to match.

    6. Kramer from Seinfeld


    Cosmo Kramer was maybe the most interesting character in the show with his upright hairstyle and personality. Shop at a local thrift store to complete his vintage look.

    7. Gunther from Friends


    Gunther was a hilarious member of the cast known for his awkwardness and weird humor. To get his look, find a vintage waiter costume with a matching tie.

    8. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    Long before we had a Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman, kids were looking up to Buffy! Getting this look would be easy. You could wear almost anything, holding a prop to symbolize you slaying.

    9. Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls

    Cartoon Network

    The supervillain in the animated series of Powerpuff Girls is familiar for '90s kids. To get this look, find a blue suit with white boots, gloves, and a head wrap, all under a large purple cape!

    10. Tia and Tamera from Sister, Sister


    Tia and Tamera were adopted by different families. They were total opposites in terms of personality, which made them fun to watch. Pair up with your best friend and get your hands on some matching caps, backpacks, and denim or plaid suits.

    11. Cordell from Walker, Texas Ranger


    If you want to have a masculine look, you should definitely dress up like Walker and work on your martial arts and facial expressions.

    12. Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond


    Marie was the matriarch of the Barone family, and was the cause of most of the family drama. Why not borrow a dress from your mom's closet and dress up as Marie?

    13. Peggy Bundy from Married...with Children


    Peggy was an entitled, center of the universe for Al and her children. You can copy her red bouffant hairdo, Spandex pants and shirts, and open-toed stiletto heels.