Which Chris Lilley Character Are You?

It’s time to change the way you look at yourself.

    1. Pauline Clemente / Via Flickr: paulinaclemente
    2. NatalieMaynor / Via Flickr: 93178668@N00
    3. AP Photo/The Tennessean
      Charity Worker
    1. Ben Stanfield / Via Flickr: 35034346178@N01
    2. John Brooks / Via Flickr: 52974584@N00
      Life Coach
    3. 金娜 Kim S / Via Flickr: 17266413@N00
    1. Eva Rinaldi / Via Flickr: 58820009@N05
      Stage Performer and Director
    2. The Come Up Show / Via Flickr: 22257051@N07
    3. Professional Sports Pioneer
    1. Universal Pictures / Via imdb.com
      Les Misérables
    2. Universal Pictures / Via imdb.com
      Fast & Furious
    3. New World Pictures / Via imdb.com
    1. 20th Century Fox Film / Via imdb.com
      Wall Street
    2. Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via imdb.com
      127 Hours
    3. Chartoff - Winkler Productions / Via imdb.com
    1. Paramount Pictures / Via imdb.com
      Get Rich Or Die Tryin’
    2. Walt Disney Pictures / Via imdb.com
    3. Imagine Entertainment / Via imdb.com
      8 Mile
    1. I’m super artistic, creative and modest. Probably an 8/10.
    2. Fuck i’m alright aye! Everyone’s keen to spend a night with me.
    3. I’m totally a 10. I’m not some fugly loser who hangs around by themselves on the playground.
    4. It doesn’t matter how I look. What matters is how my family looks.
    5. I’m just an average person who does great things.
    6. I’m happy in my relationship and we love each other. That’s all that matters.
    7. Fuck off homo why do you care!?
    8. My dad says I look very nice and presentable.
    9. I’m kind of a big deal.
    1. Black
    2. Purple
    3. Blue
    1. Yellow
    2. Pink
    3. White
    1. Orange
    2. Green
    3. Red
    1. Warner Bros. / Via noblecustom.com
      Ryan Gosling
    2. Paramount Pictures / Via movies.about.com
      Chris Hemsworth
    3. Paramount Pictures / Via mi9.com
      Rosie Huntington Whiteley
    1. Miramax Films / Via apotpourriofvestiges.com
      Daniel Day-Lewis
    2. Beijing New Picture FIlm Co. / Via hollywoord-bollywood.blogspot.com.au
      Jet Li
    3. Fox 2000 Pictures / Via lipmag.com
      Meryl Streep
    1. Universal Pictures / Via collider.com
      Anna Kendrick
    2. Touchstone Pictures / Via media.theiapolis.com
      NIcolas Cage
    3. Halle Berry
    1. Dan Century / Via Flickr: dancentury
      A Chihuahua
    2. Crocodile Information and Facts / Via seanduke.com
      A Crocodile
    3. Keith Riley-Whittingham / Via Flickr: 27645084@N02
      A Flamingo
    1. Roberto Verzo / Via Flickr: 8796022@N07
      A Tarsier
    2. Staffan Vilcans / Via Flickr: 8543480@N06
      A Rat
    3. Golo / Via Staffan Vilcans
      A Wolf
    1. Taro Taylor / Via Flickr: 30674396@N00
      A Turtle
    2. Subhash Chandra / Via Flickr: 92489334@N00
      A Kangaroo
    3. Andy Roberts / Via Flickr: 21372046@N00
      A Peacock
    1. Andrew Butitta / Via Flickr: 60003305@N00
    2. Thowra_uk / Via Flickr: 83378815@N00
    3. John Appiah-Duffell / Via Flickr: 22777529@N08
    1. Jim Larrison / Via Flickr: 45569436@N00
    2. Maximiliano Aceiton / Via Flickr: 95195098@N07
    3. sophiea / Via Flickr: 11805179@N04
    1. patrick janicek / Via Flickr: 41538865@N06
    2. Jim Bahn / Via Flickr: 35425743@N00
    3. cmonville / Via Flickr: 13146595@N00
    1. Australia
    2. France
    3. South Africa
    4. Japan
    5. England
    6. Brasil
    7. Tonga
    8. China
    9. America
    1. UMGD/VERVE / Via musicstack.com
      “Oklahoma!” by Rogers & Hammerstein
    2. Murder Inc./Def Jam / Via en.wikipedia.org
      “Pain is Love” by Ja Rule
    3. Universal / Via aquafanpage.com
      “Aquarium” by Aqua
    1. Elektra/Asylum / Via en.wikipedia.org
      “Master of Puppets” by Metallica
    2. Atlantic Records / Via wncx.cbslocal.com
      “Back in Black” by AC/DC
    3. Columbia / Via impalamusic.org
      “21” by Adele
    1. Loud / Via impalamusic.org
      “Enter the Wu-Tang” by The Wu-Tang Clan
    2. Jive / Via bbs.tgbus.com
      “Backstreet’s Back” by The Backstreet Boys
    3. 2BK / Via en.wikipedia.org
      “To The Extreme” by Vanilla Ice
    1. I was a leader and role model.
    2. I don’t have time for school. I’m more focused on reviving the old family business.
    3. I was the Queen of the school.
    4. I studied at home rigorously until I was smarter than my teachers. More people need to be like me.
    5. Just a regular guy looking to have a bit of fun and learn something on the way.
    6. School was a long time ago…I guess I was just one of the girls!
    7. People say I’m the bully at school but really everyone else is bullying me.
    8. I finished school at a highly accelerated rate. I’m very smart.
    9. School is for fools.

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