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No, A Little Girl Didn't Tell Donald Trump He Was "A Disgrace To The World"

Yep, it's fake news.

A short clip has gone viral on Twitter, showing a young girl telling "Donald Trump" he's a "disgrace to the world" before snapping a photo.

The clip has over 96,000 retweets and over 140,000 likes... however, the "Donald Trump" in the video is actually an impersonator.

Yep, it's fake news.

Really, it's Anthony Atamanuik. In the past, Atamanuik has worked on shows including 30 Rock and Broad City, and he currently stars as Trump in The President Show.

It's Atamanuik's impression of Trump that has people cheering, as they believe they are witnessing the US President getting served by a child. Here's the long version of the now viral clip people have been sharing.

The president greets the Tax Day protesters, and the crowd LOVES him. Huge!

Plenty of people loved the clip, and perhaps RT'd a tad too quickly, believing it to be the real deal. Here's Rosie O'Donnell.

SHE IS THE REAL DEAL @najahtaa #urSATAN-smile

And thousands more:

@najahtaa @jentrification The little queen has more heart & courage than 53% of White female voters

@najahtaa @ShaunKing Just gonna have this on an infinite loop.

@najahtaa *waits for wypipo to complain about her parents raising her to be disrespectful to the president* "you pe…

@najahtaa @SirBenjaminKing She needs to learn respect for her President and her elders. Kids these days have no res…

@najahtaa I would love to see the pic she caught of his face... after a 7 year old girl speaks the truth #YouAreADisgracetotheWorld

@BrianneGRuth @najahtaa she took a pic of his orange ass face after that as well to humiliate him i love this song

Of course, some knew immediately just what was going on.

@najahtaa That isn't Trump- it's an actor who is very good at playing Trump.

@najahtaa obviously this is from that show on Comedy Centeal. The real trump would never want to be that close to a Black person.

@najahtaa @huskydusty that’s not even donald trump.

To his credit, Atamanuik fessed up to being the "Trump" in the video well before it went fully viral.

@najahtaa I'm the guy playing Trump from the @PresidentShow and that little girl was brave, funny and smart. Also,…