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Three Guys Answer The Questions Women Have For Straight Men About Dating

Three BuzzFeed guys try to answer the questions raised in this post. We are all intimidated by your parents.

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1. Do you think it’s annoying that you’re expected to pay for dates?


Brad: To be honest, I've never felt this pressure. Sure sometimes I'll pay for the date, but other times there is a genuine feel of sharing the bill.

Javi: It's not annoying at all. Growing up in Texas I almost always pay for dates. It is nice, however, to split the bill once in a while.

Dean: I'm always happy to pay for dates and always will. But I admit, it is nice when a girl reaches for her purse.

2. When you say, “Sorry I was sleeping,” were you actually just having sex with someone else?


Brad: I mean, it might happen. But, like, 99% of the time it's because we're playing Xbox or something and are up to a really hard bit. Or we actually were sleeping. There's always that.

Javi: Lol no. If I say I'm sleeping I'm actually sleeping.

Dean: Most of the time I'm sleeping, if not then I'm in bed watching TV and will most likely fall asleep.

3. Is there a certain amount of time you wait to text someone back?


Brad: No. Just when I feel like it.

Javi: No. Whenever I feel like it. Which could be two minutes or two hours.

Dean: No. I text back when I want to.

4. Do you intentionally leave your read receipts on?


Brad: Mine are off.

Javi: Mine are off. I don't want people to know if I'm actively ignoring them.

Dean: Off. Hate that people know I've read their messages.

5. How much time, energy, and thought do you put into your online dating profiles?


Brad: I have never had one, but I'd probably spend a couple hours on it and then never use it.

Javi: I try to keep it as simple as possible. As long as it's concise and doesn't have any shirtless mirror pics or photos with tigers. I think you'll be OK.

Dean: I've never had, nor will I. Online dating does not appeal to me one bit.

6. Do you just use Tinder for hook-ups?

Brad: I've never used Tinder. I'm sad and dumb or whatever.

: I think this is just a made-up fantasy. You meet people on Tinder, but hooking up causally doesn't really happen.

Dean: I used Tinder for a nanosecond, to see what all the fuss was about. As I said, I'm not into the whole online dating thing.

7. Do you expect women to buy condoms?

Brad: No, not at all. But if we go back to yours it would be nice. But not, like, something I EXPECT to be there.

Javi: No, but I've been in situations where I haven't had them so it's nice if the woman does.

Dean: No way, but it is the thought that counts.

8. Why don’t you ever have lube around?


Brad: This has honestly never crossed my train of thought. But yeah, maybe I should get better at that.

Javi: The thing is I do. I feel one bottle can last a reallllly long time.

Dean: Honestly, I've never used it. Never had to.

9. Do you ever wish your sex life were more like the porn you watch?

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Brad: Maybe for like five minutes. But no, not really. There is an obvious difference between the two, IMO.

Javi: Nah, porn is work and highly stylized. It doesn't translate well.

Dean: Sometimes, when you're home alone...on a Saturday night.

10. What scares you about having a breakup talk?


Brad: Hurting the person I used to (or still) love.

Javi: Hurting someone. Breakups are never easy no matter what side you're on.

Dean: Hurting her.

11. Does it bother you when women ghost on you?

Brad: What does this mean? We don't have this in Australia? Or we do and I'm clueless.

Javi: No. People get busy with their own lives so I get it. Also I've done my share of unintentional ghosting.

Dean: I had to look this up. No, not at all, I have been guilty of this too. If it's consistent, there could be an issue.

12. Does it bother you if you’re dating someone who’s dating more than one person at a time?


Brad: Depends. If the relationship is going longer than, let's say, two months? Then yeah, we got a problem and you need to make up your mind.

Javi: Nah. Unless clear boundaries are made or discussed I see no problem with someone I'm seeing dating multiple people.

Dean: In early stages of dating, I guess not. It's all about testing the waters. But after a month of seeing each other a couple of times a week, absolutely not.

13. Do you feel bad if you stop talking to someone after you have sex?

Brad: No. But also, like — I don't go mute immediately after. You just kinda…snuggle, right? No talking needed.

Javi: That doesn't really happen.

Dean: It's never really happened, but like why make the situation awkward? I always make a point of talking, unless I'm asleep.

14. What do you really mean when you call an ex “crazy”?


Brad: I try to avoid this unless they actually are doing things that are reminiscent of a crazy person. Most of the stuff that gets described as "crazy" behavior following a breakup is just someone dealing with rejection and pain. And we all go through that at some point or another.

Javi: I'm friends with all my exes so I wouldn't call any of them crazy. Now when I was with them we both might have done things deemed crazy, but I don't call any of my exes that.

Dean: Their behavior post-breakup defines this. I've been lucky and haven't really experienced this, it's all been amicable… but, like, if you're doing or saying things you normally wouldn't do/say, there's a chance the title of "crazy" might get thrown around.

15. How much detail do you go into with your friends about your love life?

Brad: None, really. That's my life. I'll say I'm dating someone, but what I do with them is our business.

Javi: If it's my girlfriend I don't divulge much out of respect.

Dean: None. I'm a pretty private person and I like to keep it that way. Plus I'm 30; this isn't high school tbh.

16. What qualifies as “clingy” to you?


Brad: "Clingy" comes up when someone starts getting angry that you're not being responsive — even when you are. And often times this is the first sign that the two of you aren't really a great match.

Javi: Clingy is when someone demands to know your whereabouts 24/7, asks a ton of questions, and gets angry when you're honest.

Dean: Wanting to know where you are, who you're with, and what you're doing 23 hours of the day. Also favoriting ~everything~ you put on social media.

17. Do you believe in the three-day texting rule?

Brad: No. Rules are dumb.

Javi: That rule is lame. I'll text someone if I'm into them. I'm not waiting three days.

Dean: This isn't a Seinfeld episode. What "rule"?

18. How do you know when you have real feelings for someone?

Brad: When you feel like a better person around them. When they make you happy. And when you look forward to interacting with them every day. Y'know…when your soul feels warm. That kinda shit.

Javi: You just do. You want to be around them every second of every day and they're all you can think about. It's a badass feeling.

Dean: Trust your gut. This sounds cliched and dumb, but you know it in your heart. A pretty good sign is when you are constantly thinking about them and can't wait to see them next.

19. What are your thoughts on cuffing season?


Brad: My thoughts are that I have literally no idea what this is.

Javi: I get it, no one wants to be alone during those months. I however have never gotten "cuffed-up" during cuffing season.

Dean: *googles "cuffing"* Hmmmm… OK, yeah I admit, during that time it's a lot harder if you're single, but I'm in Australia, so our winters are like American summers anyway.

20. Do you actually care about a woman’s *number*?

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Brad: Maybe in passing, for, like, an hour. But ultimately it doesn't matter.

Javi: Nope. Whatever happened before me is none of my business. I really don't want to know.

: No, living for *this* moment.

21. Do you like getting dressed up for date night or would you always rather be on a couch eating pizza?

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Brad: Hey, there's two options for a reason. Don't need to choose one over the other. Some nights I'll wanna chill at home, and other times go out to dinner. Although I don't really understand the dressing up fancy thing. That's kinda dumb. You can go to a nice restaurant in a T-shirt and jeans and fuck anyone else that gets bothered by that.

Javi: If it were up to me all dates would be on the couch eating pizza.

Dean: I like it, but only every now and then. Plus, who says I want to be alone on the couch eating pizza? Pizza + wine + good movie = perfect date night.

22. Have you ever actually been intimidated by a woman’s parents?


Brad: Absolutely.

Javi: Hell yes.

Dean: Of course. You're not human if you haven't.