This Woman Tried To Start A Marriage Equality Hashtag For Straight People And It Backfired

    "Parents, don't forget to take a sweet selfie with your kids to show support for women with infertility issues too!"

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    Mia Freedman, the owner of Australian women's network Mamamia, has sparked controversy online after publishing a piece called "Straight, married women want marriage equality too."

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    In it, Freedman addressed the issue of same-sex marriage – which has been the topic of much discussion in Australia recently – and dismisses the argument that legalizing same-sex marriage would diminish or change the meaning of heterosexual marriages.

    Freedman closes the piece by asking her straight readers to show their support for same-sex marriage by putting a photo of themselves pointing at their wedding ring with the hashtag #Married4MarriageEquality on social media.

    However, many people saw the hashtag campaign as insensitive and tone-deaf, and the reactions on Twitter said just as much.

    thought marriage equality was about LGBTQI people?? GUESS AGAIN

    Mia Freedman: I care about LGBTQI rights!!! L - look G - guys B - basically it's T - time to Q - quietly make I -…

    "Decent Intentions, Horrific Execution" A Memoir By Mia Freedman

    People quickly hijacked the hashtag and had their fun with it.

    Parents, don't forget to take a sweet selfie with your kids to show support for women with infertility issues too! #married4marriageequality

    Homeless man: "Do you have any change so I can get some food?" Me: "No. But here's a photo of my lunch!" #married4marriageequality

    Well #married4marriageequality is no match for #caviar4thehungry

    Inspire others by flaunting something they can't legally have. Too poor to dine out? Here's me doing it for you.…

    Inspired by Mia Freedman's selfless #married4marriageequality committment. I'd like to share a pic of my home with…

    Are we doing this right?

    In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson for Mamamia said the company had been working closely with Australian Marriage Equality for several years to help build momentum with women and mothers at a critical time in the history of marraige equality in Australia.

    "Together with Australian Marriage Equality we thought a demonstration of support from married women under the hashtag #married4marriageequality would help send the message to politicians that there is a huge tide of support that exists among all Australians for marriage equality," said the statement.

    "If anyone was offended or distracted by this it was not my intention, I apologise unequivocally and we will continue to loudly and proudly support marriage equality until all Australians have the legal right to marry the person they love."

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