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This Girl Spent Months Knitting Taylor Swift A Sweater And Taylor Loved It

What a yarn.

On Monday, Taylor Swift took some time out from her busy tour schedule to tweet about a sweater that a "mystery knitter" fan had made for her.

Someone knitted this sweater of a Polaroid of me and gave it to my mom at the show. Thank you, mysterious knitter.

Well, the mystery knitter turned out to be a Colorado girl named Jadda, who had been working on it for eight months.

Jadda had been posting about the sweater, and her plans for it, on her Tumblr for some time. She was initially hesitant to try to give the sweater to Taylor before picking her moment.

It all came to the fore when Jadda's boyfriend got Taylor's mother's attention.

There were a few hours of confusion and Tumblr chaos for Jadda before Taylor posted on her own blog, identifying and thanking her for the sweater.

"I will remember it forever," says Jadda. "I never expected her to wear it and she looks so cute in it!"