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"Sailor Goon" Is The Greatest Halloween Costume You Wish You Thought Of

"In the name of the goon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil."

In a move sure to make your Halloween costume look less-than-impressive, take a look at Sailor Goon, a costume Melbourne-native Suzanne managed to pull off with great expertise.


"I wasn't sure people would get the joke, but considering the nerdy wine-aficionados I spend my time with, I should've known it would be well received," she told BuzzFeed News.

Suzanne said the costume was a random idea, but with encouragement from her friends she managed to plan it all out.


The dress is made up of 13 goon bags, which she managed to source by asking Reddit users to send her any empty bags they may have accumulated. She also consumed some herself, of course.

"Originally, I wanted to have it rigged so that people could pour themselves a glass of cheap wine from my skirt, but I don't think the licensed venue I was in would have appreciated that," she said.

Suzanne managed to get photos with some Protected Service Officers while she was waiting on a friend to apply their fake tan at Richmond station.


"I was stuck waiting on the train platform all by myself in a ridiculous costume," she said. "The PSOs came up and asked me where I was off to and what was up with my goon bags. They took my name and address, but were happy to chat and chill afterwards. I asked them for a photo and they were totally keen."

Suzanne hopes living in Melbourne might inspire her to "upcycle" more goon bags in the future, with a wedding dress already touted as one idea.

You can follow Suzanne's blog here.

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