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19 Photos That Will Stop You From Ever Going In The Water Again

You'll never get in the water again.

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Note: Photos have been removed for copyright reasons.

But you can see a whole bunch of photos from the show here.

1. Jeremy Wade is an angler and biologist, most known for his Animal Planet show River Monsters.

He hunts the world for bizarre and crazy creatures of the deep. Don't worry - he hunts only for research - letting everything go when he has gotten that elusive photo with the monster. This is him with a Queensland grouper.


4. This is a piranha - which you probably already knew - but check out the way it savaged its prey to the right!

5. This is an absolute monster blue catfish - which are known to be very aggressive.

Some snorkelers report being dragged under by the beasts.

6. This alligator gar actually doesn't look too bad. Like it just told a joke.


8. This piraiba catfish is chilling, waiting to devour you whole.

Beginning to understand that catfish are the most horrifying things on Earth.

9. This is an African tiger fish. Yes - it does look like it could bite right through you.

10. And this is the goliath tiger fish. Which is like the African tiger fish, except it could eat you, your whole family, and everyone you've ever met.


12. This is a short tailed river stingray. Probably gives *really* good hugs.

13. And this is a freshwater stingray. Also probably gives really good hugs, but without all that gross, salty water.

It weighs 400 pounds!

14. This freshwater sawfish looks like something out of a Tim Burton film.

15. This is a giant salamander. This is also one of the ugliest looking things out there.

16. The New Zealand longfin eel is a just a lovely, squirming mass of slime.