15 Photos That Prove Ja’mie King Can Do Anything

Move over Gaga and co. There aint nothin’ this private school girl can’t conquer.

1. She went through her ‘Gaga Phase.’

2. “The Edge Of Quiche”

3. And then decided it was time for her “Lorde Phase.”

4. She’s done it all.

Ellie Goulding ain’t got shit.

5. She’s even been on the front cover of ‘Quichemopolitan.’

6. Before KimYe there was Ja’mYe

7. So quiche.

8. Face tatts are SO quiche right now.

RT @ThatOneCookKid: @ChrisLilley #ThaQuiche4 @LilTunechi

— Louis (@LouisMaskell)



RT @ThatOneCookKid: @ChrisLilley #ThaQuiche4 @LilTunechi

/ Via

9. Remember when she dropped THIS on us with like no press or warning?

“@AlexanderYaldo: @ChrisLilley Ja'mie randomly dropped her visual album. #quiche ” dead

— Chris Lilley (@ChrisLilley)

Chris Lilley


“@AlexanderYaldo: @ChrisLilley Ja’mie randomly dropped her visual album. #quiche ” dead

/ Via

10. “I’m up all night to get quiche.” = Best lyrics ever.

RT @EonOhC: @ChrisLilley I need a dance pop Ja'mie album with Daft Punk! #TotallyRandomJamie #jamieking

— Tyler (@Tyler_Besaw)



RT @EonOhC: @ChrisLilley I need a dance pop Ja’mie album with Daft Punk! #TotallyRandomJamie #jamieking

/ Via

11. Everyone can see what happened to LiLo when she messed with Queen Ja’mie.

#meanprivateschoolgirl @lindsaylohan

— Chris Lilley (@ChrisLilley)

Chris Lilley


#meanprivateschoolgirl @lindsaylohan

/ Via

12. Remember when she signed that contract with Chanel?

13. Movie over Julia Roberts.

14. Vampires were so quiche in 2013.

15. We love you Ja’mie!

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