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    The 27 Greatest Moments From Oz ComicCon

    Batman! Superman! Johnny Depp!

    Over the past couple weeks, Australia has been gifted with the always exciting OzComicCon.

    Some people dressed up, others got photos, but everyone had a good time!

    1. The event started with an impressive display from The Justice League!

    2. Then there was this CRAZY cosplay of Khaleesi (she's from Game of Thrones).

    3. Someone pulled off the perfect #tbt with this Robin Hood costume.

    4. And there was the always present Star Trek Trooper as well!

    5. The most exciting part of the whole event was the arrival of Johnny Depp.

    6. Fans flocked from all over to get a photo with the Lord of the Rings star.

    7. Depp, who took time off from filming Secret Window II was a real crowd favourite.

    8. The Big Friendly Giant was there!

    9. And smurf Gandalf!

    10. There was a spectacular clan of Spidermen..

    11. And Ellen DeGenerous popped up for a dance.

    12. Our personal favourite was this guy, who pulled off a perfect imitation of The Questioner!

    13. Some people did the '80s throwback with this intense Val Kilmer Top Gun get up.

    14. Pacific Rim had a few fancy dress stars excited!

    15. And Jared Leto took some off from hanging with 30 Minutes To Mars to say hi!

    16. Goku showed up...

    17. ...and so did Supermen!

    18. As always, there was a Zorro fancy dress.

    19. And Homer & Marge Simpson were looking for donuts!

    20. Depp took some time off from getting photos with fans to put on his Captain Jim Sparrow fancy dress...

    21. ...and then came back to introduce the Depp-ception to the world.

    22. Malificent was hanging out.

    23. And Smaug screamed out some fire breath on the locals!

    24. Everybody's favourite marijuana dealer - Heisenburger - was there!

    25. "Who ya gonna call!?!? Ghostbusters!"

    26. Some girls hung out as the Orange is the New Black stars.

    27. And William Shatner was there, looking really sad...