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    31 Couples Whose Marriages Were Revoked Last Year Celebrate Their Anniversary

    The #5DaysOfEquality campaign has been launched almost one year to the day since the Australian government revoked the same-sex marriages of 31 Australian couples.

    The 5 Days of Equality campaign is a worldwide initiative to say "happy anniversary" to the 31 couples whose same-sex marriages were revoked by the Australian government this time last year.

    In December 2013, the Australian Capital Territory parliament passed a bill that made the territory the first part of Australia to legalise marriage equality.

    The 5 Days of Equality campaign is asking people to upload photos and tweet out support with the hashtag #5DaysOfEquality, with the best messages being transcribed on to printed cards and delivered to the 31 couples across Australia.

    My wife and I are enjoying our anniversary in Canberra, despite the marriage being ruled invalid. #5daysofequality

    HappyAniversary “@GlendaSings Equal for 5 days & in 19 countries not our own...but together forever. #5DaysofEquality

    It is hoped that "The Paper Anniversary" will be made up of thousands of messages of support.

    You can watch the video for #5DaysOfEquality here.

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