26 Angry Reactions As Australia’s High Court Throws Out Same-Sex Marriages

Outrage. So much outrage. posted on

On Saturday, 7 Dec., Australia’s first official same-sex weddings happened in the Australian Capital Territory.

Today, the High Court of Australia ruled that the Marriage Equality Act that allowed these couples to get married is invalid.

They unanimously decided that marriage is a matter of federal law, and the state-based Marriage Equality Act can’t operate alongside the federal Marriage Act, which currently defines marriage as between a man and woman. This means the dozens of same-sex marriages that have occurred in the past five days are now void.

Hundreds of people on Twitter have reacted with disappointment, disgust, and rage.


Disappointed at the #marriageequality results. It was expected, but it feels like a kick in the guts


How disgusting of the High Court to overturn the ACT marriage equality bill. I forgot we are all Neanderthals... #MarriageEquality #SameLove


@TonyAbbottMHR Well I hope you're happy now that you've hurt so many people who only want their love recognised. #MarriageEquality


I don't get it! The sky didn't fall and world didn't end when those few people got married the other day. #marriageequality #progress


Heartbroken for the precious couples who have had their marriages voided by Abbott's bigotry. #auspol #marriageequality


What exactly is Abbott afraid of with relation to #MarriageEquality? Does he think Margie is going to run off and marry a woman?


Devastated and Pissed off! Australia is backward. I should have the same rights as everyone else #marriageequality #equal


So Abbott finally gets a win this week. Congrats, you voided a bunch of wedding vows, go pop some bubbly.. #MarriageEquality #auspol


The twitchy death throes of old men in wigs desperately nailing down the status quo in the middle of a hurricane #MarriageEquality




Fuckin hell, I don't think I've ever been less proud to be Australian than today. #MarriageEquality

26. Here’s what said sister had to say:

Sad news that the ACT same-sex marriage law has been overturned. Focus now firmly on federal parliament #marriageequality #auspol

But some people looked on the bright side and focused on the fact that the High Court’s decision leaves the focus on federal law — and the need for change there.

high court may be unable to pass ACT marriage laws, but they've ruffled the feathers of parliament and the nation #MarriageEquality #auspol

Some will see the ACT decision as a loss, but it's just a clarification that same sex marriage is a matter for the federal parliament.

Silver-lining: in order to declare #MarriageEquality a federal issue, High Court said constitution definition of marriage includes same-sex.

Technically, the High Court ruled in favour of #marriageequality... in that marriage should be legislated federally & thus equally 4 all.

Thank you to all couples who shared with us their love & commitment under the ACT #marriageequality law we will continue to stand by you.

Dear twitter: today's HC ruling is actually a win for #MarriageEquality. No doubt now Constitution permits fed govt to pass SSM laws.

ACT took things two steps forward, despite surely knowing we'd take one step back today. Well done. #marriageequality

implication from HC: all "types" of marriage are equal. this is a loud and clear message to Fed Government and Parliament #marriageequality

Many called for action — from the community and from the government.

Frustrated by the High Court #marriageequality ruling? Talk to your Federal MP. Support @AMEQUALITY @GetUp. Let’s get these laws changed.

High Court has made it clear that #marriageequality is a federal issue. NO MORE EXCUSES! Time for our federal MPs to make it happen #auspol

Time for @TonyAbbottMHR to step up and do what majority of Aussies agree with; allow same sex marriage! #marriageequality

If you want change for #MarriageEquality best way is to change the government in #auspol Parliament. Or for Libs to allow conscience vote.

So the states might not be able to bring in #MarriageEquality but the Feds have the power it seems. Time to saddle up! @GrahamPerrettMP

Marriage equality is now in the hands of the federal government.

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