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10 Touring Life Hacks From Nina Las Vegas

The Australian DJ tells us how she prepares for a busy tour schedule.

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Friends, family and/or fans. Although you can't always expect people (especially family members) to drop everything and come out clubbing, it's nice to give them a heads up. Who knows? Maybe they want to drink your rider with you. Also if I had a dollar for every time someone wrote on my facebook wall 'when are you in [insert city]?' the day after I play [insert city]...
Yep, make sure you're being healthy and get ready to not be healthy. I will only drink on tour if I don't have to get up early. It's a constant hungover OR tired battle, never both. The reality is that shit get's all over the shop when you're busy, and you also have to be ready for that... and not get too disappointed if you're not able to train / stretch or eat light. Also, steal as much water from the venue before you leave. Saves spending $40 on a bottle of water at the airport.
You never do. Even if it means staying up the night before to finish planning your set or mix, it's best to go in the air deadline-less.
Unless you're stupidly resourceful (I'm not) you'll only throw it out years later when you move.
Never enough iPhone chargers, eh? I have one permanently on in my handbag, suitcase and DJ pencil case. Imagine the HELL of not being online? In my DJ pencil case (literally a pencil case) where I keep my USBs and earplugs, I also travel with a mini-jack to mini-jack cord and ethernet cable. Sometimes I use hire cars or stay in hotels where there are speakers to link too and voila! I'm sorted!
I am never not backing up my computer. I've (stupidly) dropped a laptop in transit before and now have it insured (yearly travel insurance is my best friend) and always travel with two or three identical USBs to DJ with.
Instead of constantly unpacking and repacking things like toiletries, I have double of everything. From toothpaste to hairbrushes and club heels (yeah, they exist), if someone told me I had to leave for the airport in a minute, as long as I had a different tee in my bag... I could pack up and go at anytime.
My nearest and dearest know where I am at any point of time. Yes, I have no real privacy... but at least I don't have to worry any one if I don't show up at home for a week or longer.
Even if you can't run on every trip, it's nice to be able to think you can if there is time. I have a sweet selection of trainers that can double up as 'kewl' street wear and exercise gear too, plus a foam roller that fits in my bag.
I know it's pretty easy to think plane attire should be extra causal, but the moment that you start adding that to your luggage it all adds up. I would much rather wear something I would happily go out for dinner in, to save time and space. Plus people just treat you like a bogan if you look like one.

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