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Shane Warne Has Been Bitten On The Head By An Anaconda

After putting his head in a box of...anacondas.

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Shane Warne, the ex-cricketer, has been bitten on the head by an anaconda.

There he is, putting his head in a box of snakes.
Channel 10

There he is, putting his head in a box of snakes.

It's believed Warne – who is in the South African jungle for Channel 10's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – was participating in one of the show's challenges. The trial involved Warne, who is petrified of snakes, putting his head into a box of snakes.

Instagram: @shanewarne23

In an effort to get food for the rest of his team, Warne had to retrieve stars representing different meals for his teammates. The "snake box" came immediately after the "rat box" (which was a box full of rats).

It is reported that Dr Chris Brown, a veterinarian and host of the show, told Warne to be careful, as the snakes would be able to smell the scent of the rats on his head.

Anacondas are not venomous, so medics were able to treat Warne's wound with antiseptic. They will be monitoring the injury to avoid infection.

Instagram: @shanewarne23