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21 Other Problems Taylor Swift Could Help Solve

Like she's a goddamn fairy godmother.

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So, Taylor Swift recently wrote about why her latest album, "1989", wouldn't be streaming on Apple's new music service - Apple Music.

Sascha Steinbach

In a post on her blog, Taylor explained she was taking a stand not just for herself, but also for indie artists.

"These are not the complaints of a spoiled, petulant child. These are the echoed sentiments of every artist, writer and producer in my social circles who are afraid to speak up publicly because we admire and respect Apple so much. We simply do not respect this particular call."

Today, Apple announced they would be paying artists for streaming, even during the customer's free trial period - which had been a concern for many musicians.

#AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming, even during customer’s free trial period

1. After the news broke that Apple had crumbled to Swift's demands, Twitter began to erupt with requests for Taylor to use her ~golden touch~ for more good deeds.

Hi @taylorswift13, I have a list of other things you should convince people to do: end poverty believe in climate change ban pandas



. @taylorswift13 here's a to-do list for you: - end poverty - repeal second amendment, get new gun laws - abolish "guac is extra"


@taylorswift13 ok so for ur next trick can u please make Australian mcdonalds stores make the 'warm cookie sundae' again. v important


Hey @taylorswift13 can you bring back Firefly?


Hey @taylorswift13, I've got a 17 hour flight on Friday and I'm stuck in economy. Coach, you might call it. Any chance you could, y'know..?



Am so getting @taylorswift13 to write my letter to Santa this year: one three-bedroom house in SE Sydney thanks, Tay Tay.

7. Some people just wanted their household appliances fixed...

@taylorswift13 my fridge is on the blink do you know how to fix thermostats


.@taylorswift13 while your at it, can you please ask Apple to make it so you can delete the "Stocks" app? Thanks in advance

9. Some asked for the impossible...

@taylorswift13 can you postpone Monday? #AppleMusic #apple



@molly_knight @taylorswift13 can you save the newspaper industry

11. And others hoped she could affect the world in greater way.

While you getting everyone to change their minds about stuff @taylorswift13 can you do something about the Confederate flag or nah


@taylorswift13 now can you try to convince the world to pay teachers more?? #yourock #queenoftheworld #payteachersmore


i am just saying taylor swift ALL DAY BREAKFAST AT MCDONALDS



Hey @taylorswift13, can you get me a Harry Potter prequel series about the Marauders?


.@taylorswift13 can you write a new theme song for the new season of True Detective


Hey Taylor Swift now can you write an open letter to Eddie Murphy asking him to make Beverly Hills Cop IV? Just really want to see it


Good job, @taylorswift13. Now if you could write an open letter to the South Carolina Capitol, that would be great.



@taylorswift13 can you write a thoughtful letter to my boss asking him to raise my extremely unfair hourly wage


@taylorswift13 hey Aunt Becky can you help a girl out and rant about college tuition next🙏


.@taylorswift13 can you rid the world of yellow Starburst next


Hi @taylorswift13 - can you please turn your efforts the Greek EU debt crisis next? I hear lots of people aren't getting paid there.