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25 Things People With Expensive Taste Will Never Say

"Designer impostor perfume smells just like the real thing!"

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1. "I suppose I don't really need the *organic* kind."

2. "'Fruit drink' is fine. It is basically orange juice!"

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3. "Home brand generic is fine."

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4. "Mmm! This cheap version tastes JUST like the expensive kind!"

5. "1 ply toilet paper will do."

6. "$20 jeans, $200 jeans - who can tell the difference?"

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7. "I love hostels!"


8. "Just Cuts do great haircuts!"

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9. "I mean, all underwear is the same, right?"


10. "It's about quantity, not quality."

11. "A mattress is just a mattress, right? I mean, all you do is sleep on it."

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12. "McDonald's for dinner is fine."


13. "Camping... great!"

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14. "Let's just get one of those."

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15. "We can share."

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16. "I don't even want an engagement ring."


17. "This top was free! It came with a magazine!"

18. "Why would I pay for a manicure when I can just paint my nails at home for free?"


19. "All wine tastes the same."

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20. "Just get the cheapest chips for the party. No one will know the difference."

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21. "The promo girls gave me this hat when I drank Bacardi at the bar last week. It's nice, right?"

22. "Designer impostor perfume is great! It smells exactly the same!"


23. "Just an appetizer, thanks."


24. "Public transport is great."

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25. "What's wrong with instant coffee?"