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People Are Texting Their Girlfriends And Telling Them To Hide After A 14-Year-Old Rapper's Tweet Went Viral

"Hide your girlfriend... I'm headed out for the day."

Mathew Morris is a 14-year-old kid from the US who is pretty famous in tween circles as MattyB. He's the star of the incredibly popular YouTube channel "MattyB Raps", which uploads videos featuring MattyB covering popular music.

In October last year, MattyB was famously "grounded from the internet" as part of a publicity stunt.

Over the last five years, MattyB's videos have racked up over 1 billion views. He has a book deal. His social media following is huge. He tours the country hosting "meet and greets" and sell-out shows. Think of him as like Justin Bieber, if Bieber had never met up with Usher.

On the weekend, he took to Twitter to offer up some free advice to any of the couples out there: Matty was heading out for the day, and anyone who hoped to keep their girlfriend should think about trying to hide her.

Hide your girlfriend... I'm headed out for the day.

Good on Matty for giving us all a warning.

Just to play it safe, Twitter user Jordy (@Zrowable) tweeted out a screenshot of his texts telling his girlfriend to hide. He couldn't tell her why, but dear god, he needed her to hide.

Jordy's tweet picked up more than 150,000 retweets and also spawned a bunch of other people tweeting their girlfriends, telling them to hide, lest they be drawn in by the allure of MattyB and his raps.

@Zrowable @tiacappella LMAOOOO

@Zrowable i also wanted to try this but...

When the notorious tweet-stealing account Common White Girl had a crack, it only meant more people got involved.

And then even the words "hide your girlfriend... I'm heading out for the day" became a meme.

Hide your girlfriend... I'm headed out for the day.

Hide your girlfriend... I'm headed out for the day.

hide your girlfriend..........im heading out for the day

There's no word yet on whether any girlfriends were drawn into the irresistible pull of MattyB while he was out for the day – but time will surely tell. In the meantime, here's MattyB at church.

church with josh & jb. counting my blessings!