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I Am So Sorry But Could You Tell Me What Colours You See In This Picture??

They are teal and grey and that's the end of it.

Look, I don't want to start any fights or anything, but something has come to my attention recently: what colours do you see in this photo?

Like, I see teal and grey. And there's no way that could be wrong. But there are other people out there - who are probably wrong - who say they see pink and white????????


Here it is one last time:

The picture was put on Facebook by Rachael Stewart in the UK on Monday. Since then, it's been shared a couple hundred times, but we didn't really get to any conclusion on what colours are actually going on here.

BiNorth, which appear to be claiming credit for the products, posted on its Facebook on Thursday morning saying the actual colour of the merchandise was “blue and grey”. But that hasn’t stopped people from STILL seeing pink and white.

BuzzFeed News has asked BiNorth and Rachel Stewart for a comment.