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No Seriously, Creed Are A Pretty Good Band

Just hear us out for a second.

In the early '00s, Creed (Scott Stapp & Co.) were huge. They sold millions of albums, were on the covers of dozens of magazines, and helped inspire a generation of angsty teenagers through puberty.

Unfortunately, the band's successes were not without their pitfalls. With the rise of the internet and online message boards, Creed suffered heavily from what is now known as "Nickelbacking."

If you're a Creed hater, be honest. Why do you actually hate them?

Creed's songs are in-depth, emotional, and personal. Their song "What's This Life For" was written by guitarist Mark Tremonti after his close friend committed suicide.

"What's This Life For" was written by just one person. Now take an extremely popular artist like Beyonce. How many writers did she have on her last album?

And what were the songs like on that album?

Think no talent goes into playing a Creed song? Give it a go on Guitar Hero and try and get past the first ten seconds.

Really, Creed are just the victim of herd mentality - with few really considering the depth and catchiness of Creed's songs.

Sure, Creed haven't helped their cause. Lead singer Scott Stapp can be confrontational, brash and emotional. But let's not let that take away from the music.

And don't even get us started on the event that puts the Superbowl halftime show to shame: the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Creed sold (and sell) a lot of records. Fact.

Creed are regularly attacked online. Also a fact.

But what really sucks is when people mock a band that actually has some pretty genuine bangers.

Listen to this and try not to ~feel~ things. It's impossible. Sure, you may hate the band now - but have you always? And why?

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