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    Australia Had The Craziest Political Year In The World

    Go Democracy!

    In late January Julia Gillard declared the election for September. She was excited.

    You poor woman.

    But then in February, The Greens were upset!

    They "ended their relationship with Labor."

    In March, Simon Crean got all up in Julia's face about bringing on a leadership spill.

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    Everyone expected Kevin Rudd to challenge her.

    AP Photo/John Pryke

    But he was like:

    AP Photo/John Pryke

    So no one challenged her and Simon Crean was not impressed.

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    Everything sort of settled for a bit.

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    In June, Simon Crean smelt blood.

    This time, Kevin was ready.

    He beat Gillard in the Leadership Spill 57 votes to 45.

    Kevin was the new Julia.

    And the new Prime Minister.

    Simon Crean was finally happy?

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    (We think)

    Kevin didn't have much time to settle because Tony Abbott was forming a powerful army to take him down.

    On the same day Kevin Rudd was sworn in, Simon Crean announced his retirement at the coming election.

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    His mission was accomplished. It was time to move on.

    Also, the Wikileaks Party was formed.

    Chris Helgren / Reuters

    Which promised more than it delivered.

    Then the Leaders' Debates took place.

    AP Photo/John Pryke

    Tony Abbott rallied back from a poor start in the first debate to impose himself over K-Rudd.

    Robert Prezioso / Getty Images

    Which left Kevin crushed...

    Chris Hyde / Getty Images

    Like dis if u cry evry time.

    September rolls round as does the election. Kevin braced his throne.

    But Tony Abbott surged ahead and, as predicted, won the election.

    Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    The jury is still out on WHAT effect the Abbott is going to have on Australia.

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    But we already know it ain't the easiest job in the world.

    So far he's "re-designed" the cabinet.


    And gotten rid of some of the lesser ministers.

    Oscar Siagian / Getty Images

    When Tony arrived, he got rid of the more trivial ministers at his disposal such as the Minister for 'Science,' and Minister for the 'Status of Women.' Common sense, really.


    Sorry, Jesse.

    Also, this guy got a seat in parliament.

    Who you might know from TITANIC 2.

    Clive Palmer is the billionaire behind "Titanic 2." Because failing is for the weak. Also this looks like a fantastic Wes Anderson film.

    Oh and this guy got a seat too.

    View this video on YouTube

    Ricky Muir is a representative for the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party. Here's a video of him throwing poo at someone.

    And in November Australia got caught spying on Indonesia.

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    Tony won't apologize.

    Australia also said farewell to the Climate Commission.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Poor Polar Bear.

    And a bill that allowed same-sex marriage passed in the ACT.

    Marianna Massey / Getty Images

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