Why Australian Politics Is The Greatest Thing In The World

Sure, the team at “The Daily Show” have done a series of segments on Aussie culture - but they don’t even bloody well live here!

1. One of our Prime Ministers held the world record for chugging beer.

youtube.com / Via Youtube

He’s still got it, dammit!

2. Our political candidates love a good passive aggressive handshake.

google.com.au / Via Youtube

Mark Latham lost that election - despite his best impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3. This guy used to be -

scouts.com.au / Via Google Images

4. This guy!

youtube.com / Via Youtube

Still not sure if Peter Garrett’s environmental policies were better than his environmental singing.

5. Bob. Fucking. Katter

Possibly the best party member on the planet?

6. Bob. Fucking. Katter (quotes)

“Can I get an AMEN on that one?!”

7. Our Prime Minister looks like the spokesperson for Milkybar Chocolate.

He does. You can’t say that’s not what he looks like. He does.

8. When our Ministers get questions they don’t want to answer they - ah - Don’t answer them.

Shit does happen…

9. Our parliament doesn’t ignore near-apocalypse experiences like other foolish countries.

Thank God for this one.

10. They don’t like being fucked with.

Anyone else bothered by how small her finger is?

11. Because they love a good glass of wine.

*insert penis pun here*

12. And Finally - Our longest serving Prime Minister would walk the streets near his house. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.

I’ve never even seen Obama skip.

13. Oh - And don’t forget this website -

“At least”

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