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The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Channel Couples

It's time to see where Lizzie and Gordo really stack up.

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17. Mitchie and Shane — Camp Rock


Portrayed By: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Here’s Why: I am a firm believer that these two were using one another. Shane’s band was going down the tubes, and Mitchie had the voice of a thousand, powerful angels … but no connections. I mean, "You're the missing piece I need?" Clearly about money making! They could fake chemistry all they wanted, but this couple was forced. And all about the Benjamins.

16. Bailey and Cody — The Suite Life on Deck


Portrayed By: Debby Ryan and Cole Sprouse

Here’s Why: Admit it, you were a little angered by the fact that there was a Maddie replacement. And you were more angered by the fact that the Maddie replacement ended up with Cody rather than Zack. They were too similar, too dorky, and they went to school on a boat. Which couldn’t have been fun.

15. Justin and Juliet — Wizards of Waverly Place


Portrayed By: David Henrie and Bridgit Mendler

Here’s Why: The writers overlooked that Justin should have ended up with Harper. Justin and Juliet were cute, but a little awkward. The fact that she was a vampire, and vampires supposedly don’t like wizards or something, had that forbidden touch, but it was weird. Plus, she had fangs, which couldn’t have been fun for kissing.


14. Harper and Zeke — Wizards of Waverly Place


Portrayed By: Jennifer Stone and Dan Benson

Here’s Why: These two nerds meshed well together, but the writers clearly overlooked a glaring inconsistency. Harper was meant to be with Justin Russo. I mean, have you learned nothing from the Harry Potter series? The quirky redhead always gets the wizard. It’s a thing.

13. Miley and Jesse — Hannah Montana


Portrayed By: Miley Cyrus and Drew Roy

Here’s Why: Okay, at this point, I was too old to even be too old to watch Hannah Montana, so when I tuned into the last episode for nostalgia’s sake, I was stunned to see that these two wound up together. It just seemed so wrong. Jesse knew her first as Hannah Montana, for one thing. And for another, HE’S JUST NOT JAKE RYAN. Move along, sonny.

12. Alex and Dean — Wizards of Waverly Place


Portrayed By: Selena Gomez and Daniel Samonas

Here’s Why: Alex’s first significant relationship wasn’t bad. Dean was the bad boy mechanic who was a little too much like our witchy main character, so he was really more of a mirror to her than a complement. But his name was Dean Moriarty, which earns him huge points. Or deducts huge points away from him. Whichever you prefer.

11. Alex and Mason — Wizards of Waverly Place


Portrayed By: Selena Gomez and Gregg Sulkin

Here’s Why: A witch and a werewolf on Disney Channel. It’s like the visual version of Harry Potter’s Lupin and Tonks. Mason was totally perfect for the slacker in Alex, which the writers apparently planned from the start (Remember when Rachel Dratch as grown up Harper said that?), so props to them. I wasn’t big into this show, but I was well aware that Alex and Mason were meant to be.


10. Sonny and Chad — Sonny with a Chance


Portrayed By: Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight

Here’s Why: One of those “so unlikely, they were likely” pairs. Sonny and Chad weren’t a bad couple. The midwestern girl brought out the best in the drama queen of a boy. Everybody loves a relationship with lots of bickering and that forbidden touch (Oh, the painful rivalry between fictional shows, So Random! and Mackenzie Falls), at least on TV, and Sonny and Chad had that up the wazoo.

9. Miley and Jake — Hannah Montana


Portrayed By: Miley Cyrus and Cody Linley

Here’s Why: Disney, you can pretend all you want that Miley was meant to be with bad boy guitarist Jesse, but we all know Jake Ryan was the guy for her. How could they not be? They always found their way back to each other, and he was the one she freaking chose in the one-hour, artistic epic “He Could Be the One.” Did that episode mean nothing? Also, Jake played a zombie slayer on TV, and you can’t get much cooler than that without being a vampire slayer.

8. Candace and Jeremy — Phineas and Ferb


Portrayed By: Ashley Tisdale and Mitchel Musso

Here’s Why: As a teenage girl, if you didn’t feel like Candace about someone, you’re probably lying. Her crazy crush on Jeremy is the most relatable in all of Disney Channel, and the fact that he just adores her, even though she’s totally insane, is awesome. My personal favorite moment between them is when Candace wants Jeremy to give her a nickname, but he can’t because her name is already perfect.

7. London and Lance — The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


Portrayed By: Brenda Song and Aaron Musicant

Here’s Why: Remember when they tried to put Lance, the water-obsessed pool boy with Maddie, and that crashed and burn like a car wreck you did not want to witness? Well, they fixed everything by putting London with Lance. These two airheads weren’t dumb about one thing – how right they were for each other. Adorable points for Lance giving London swimming lessons and for London standing up to her rich friends because she loved the pool boy. Forbidden, Disney love is a must.


6. Raven and Devon — That's So Raven


Portrayed By: Raven-Symone and Jonathan McDaniel

Here’s Why: I always thought Raven and Devon had a surprisingly mature relationship for Disney Channel. They even did the long distance thing when Devon moved to Seattle, and the scene where they talk about it in wedding attire is just heartbreakingly wonderful. Plus, remember when their faces got all blue, and they were still in love? Yeah, me too.

5. Phil and Keely — Phil of the Future


Portrayed By: Ricky Ullman and Alyson Michalka

Here’s Why: Forever mad that as soon as these two got together, Phil went home to the future. They were soulmates. No, seriously, these two were adorable. And who didn’t want to be Keely? She got to play with Phil’s awesome future gadgets that everyone wanted for themselves, and Phil was the cutest boy ever to exist on the Disney Channel, possibly including Zac Efron. They were so cute. Why were they only together for one second?

4. Kim and Ron — Kim Possible


Voiced By: Christy Carlson-Romano and Will Friedle

Here’s Why: I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch Kim Possible. When it first aired, I was sans cable, and by the time I had it, that just wasn’t a show I caught. But from my understanding, Kim and Ron are a badass couple because they fight evil and have that Lizzie and Gordo best friend vibe about them. I can get behind that. Also, they’re animated, so points.

3. Troy and Gabriella — High School Musical


Portrayed By: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Here’s Why: Troy› and Gabriella were a kid friendly version of Sandy and Danny, only without all the sexism. They sang together. And though they thought that one, magical night was the end, they ended up at the same school. That’s straight-up fate. Plus, they get to sing their romantic moments out, even the stressful ones, so that basically makes them super cool, and we’re all jealous of them.

2. Lilly and Oliver — Hannah Montana


Portrayed By: Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso

Here’s Why: Let’s be honest, if you were on the older side and still watching Hannah Montana at the end of its run, it was because of Lilly and Oliver. They had that extreme Lancelot and Guinevere romance going on. Everybody loves adorable sidekicks, and though tween TV does it all the time, nobody quite succeeded like Lilly and Ollie pops.

1. Lizzie and Gordo — Lizzie McGuire


Portrayed By: Hilary Duff and Adam Lamberg

Here’s Why: Hello, Quintessential tween TV couple! Every girl wanted to be Lizzie, because not only was Gordo perfect boyfriend material, he was also her very best friend. And that’s just, like, the ultimate. Gordo is a genuinely nice guy, not a fedora-wearing phony, and we all know that Lizzie is the Queen of Everything. You probably died when they shared that kiss in the movie, didn’t you?

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