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If "Parks And Recreation" Characters Went To Hogwarts

In honor of the final season premiere tomorrow, it's time to sort some current characters into their appropriate Hogwarts houses.

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Leslie Knope - Gryffindor


I stand by this one with all that I am. Leslie has the ambition of a Slytherin, sure, but that’s not her main game. The thing about Leslie is that she thinks that whatever she does is moral and just, and if justice is on the line, she won’t stop. She filibustered for some of her worst enemies because she thought it was the moral thing to do. That’s Gryffindor.

Ann Perkins - Hufflepuff


Ann is a nurse, and nurses literally nurture for a living. Hufflepuffs are sweethearts, just like Ann. Besides, Ann is Leslie’s loyal one, and we all know that loyalty is a marked Hufflepuff trait. Agreeing to text someone every 30 seconds just to tell them that everything is going to be OK is so Hufflepuff.

Ben Wyatt - Ravenclaw


If you ask me, Ben is Pawnee’s only Ravenclaw. Intellect is crazily important to him, from accounting to the inner workings of Model UN. But Ben also has a creative side, like that stop motion movie or creating the Cones of Dunshire (even though it makes no sense). Because he loves to learn things as well as invent them, there’s no place else for Ben.

April Ludgate - Slytherin


April is two sides of the Slytherin coin. At first, she’s the pure ancestry Slytherin because she only wants to hang out with people who are like her. Understandable. Now, I’d argue that April is more of an ambitious Slytherin. She stops at nothing to get what she wants, whether that’s a home for rescue animals or making her high school enemies look bad. Whatever it takes, she’ll do it.


Andy Dwyer - Hufflepuff


Because of his recklessness, Andy borders on Gryffindor, but at the whole, he’s really more of a Hufflepuff. That’s because of his selflessness and total kindness. Nobody on this show cares more about people with the blind faith of a child more than he does. If we all listened to Andy Dwyer, there might actually be world peace.

Ron Swanson - Gryffindor


I know, I know. There are two sides to Ron Swanson. There’s Ron the Slytherin, who knows what’s pure and likes people who are like him. But way more important for Slytherin House is a driving ambition, and Ron doesn’t have that at all. Instead, he’s more of the adventurous Gryffindor. He spends too much exploring things to be anywhere but Gryffindor.

Chris Traeger - Hufflepuff


Besides Ann, Chris is the hardest Pawnee resident to Sort. Maybe that’s why they’re perfect for each other. But in the end, I had to go with Hufflepuff. Chris isn’t reckless enough to be a Gryffindor, and his extreme positivity is very Hufflepuff. Finally, there’s nothing that brings Chris more pleasure than hard work, and we all know Hufflepuffs are unafraid of toil.

Donna Meagle - Gryffindor


I don’t know what it is about Donna, but she just screams Gryffindor to me. Probably because like Leslie, she’s unafraid to be herself and speak her mind. If there’s anything we all know about Gryffindor, it’s that it’s the House of the Brave, and Donna has courage in spades.

Tom Haverford - Slytherin


Ambition, ambition, ambition is what puts Tom in Slytherin. He has tons of incredible and some not-so-incredible ideas (Entertainment 7-20). He never gives up on turning them into a reality. When Tom has a goal, he won’t stop until he achieves it, and he’ll do anything to get there, including go into business with the awesomely incompetent Jean-Ralphio Saperstein.

Jerry/Terry/Larry/Gary Gergich - Hufflepuff


Look, I’m just not mean enough to make him a Squib. Besides, Jerry tries his best at work, even if he is terrible at, well, everything. Hufflepuff knows that you don’t have to be fantastic at everything just as long as you try your hardest. And even if his marbles are full of mouth today, you best be damned Jerry’s going to try.

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