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22 Signs You're Having A Serious Love Affair With Chicken

Ain't no love like poultry love.

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1. The thought of other meat gives you sick face.


2. No one should underestimate your ability to slick a chicken bone.

3. When you go out to eat with your friends, your first choice is always Buffalo Wild Wings.


4. And if you're ordering in you pick KFC.

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5. You have a white meat or dark meat preference.

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You like both, but there's definitely one you feel a stronger connection to.

6. You always want to give the chicken mascot a big hug on the side of the road.

"Everybody dance. Everybody sing. Everybody try a chicken wing."

"Everybody dance. Everybody sing. Everybody try a chicken wing."

7. You were a little too excited when McDonald's put chicken wings on their menu.

8. You know the word for chicken in all the Romantic languages just in case you come across a menu written in one you don't speak.

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You are so clever.

9. You know fine well that pork is not the other white meat.


Stop trying to steal chicken's thunder!

10. You've got problems with Chick-fil-A, but the nuggets get you.

11. You have more than once tried to convince your family not to have turkey on Thanksgiving.

It just doesn't have the same flavor!

12. You have sworn your allegiance to boneless or bone-in wings.

I didn't choose the bone-in path; the bone-in path chose me.

13. You do not chew chicken like you have a secret.

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14. You consider chicken the most versatile food there is.


Grilled, fried, crispy, parmesan, fajita... oh, chicken, what can't you do?

15. You may or may not have actually said this before.


16. Your friends and family have made fun of you for how much you love chicken.


OK, maybe that's just my friends and family.

17. You don't know what your spirit animal looks like, but if you had to guess, it's probably something like this.


18. The fact that the Bluth family has never seen a chicken, dead or alive, makes you really happy because that just means more for you to eat.


19. If you do that sort of thing, this sometimes slips out during your prayers.


20. You hate this post, but it resonates with you.


21. You don't understand when people don't consider chicken "real meat."


So, what is it, then? Bread?

22. You just really want some chicken right now.

Please and thank you.

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