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19 Male Characters Who Are Evidently Slytherins

In Slytherin, they'll make their real friends.

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1. Titus Andromedon -- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Titus exudes Slytherin confidence. He knows how good he is at what he does, and he won't stop until you know that too. No matter what, his ambition never dies. Sometimes, he does questionable things to achieve his goals (like breaking into someone's house to make a music video), but the ends usually justify the means. He's in Slytherin and he's fantastic there.

2. Lex Luthor -- Smallville

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Charming, intelligent, and ambitious, Lex Luthor is a quintessential Slytherin. Even before he becomes the most evil and ruthless man in Metropolis, he was a Slytherin for the positive reasons. When Lex has a goal, he doesn't stop. He gets there, no matter what it takes. Power is his priority, and he's got it because he made it happen. He's intrinsically motivated for both good and evil, and he's a perfectly rounded Slytherin.

3. Thomas Barrow -- Downton Abbey


Thomas is a calculating man more ruled by his thoughts than his emotions. He's practical, logical, and cunning — three things every good, solid Slytherin must be. But he does have the capability to love and for his heart to break. As we know, Slytherins are often known to react deeply when they're really hurt. He'd fit in quite nicely here.

4. Tybalt Capulet -- Romeo + Juliet

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Tybalt is all about that pure ancestry. Juliet can marry anybody as long as he's not a Montague, which is like Lucius Malfoy saying that Draco can marry anybody as long as she's not Hermione Granger. He lives and dies by his family's honor, he ambitiously takes down his enemies, and he's a prime, Slytherin candidate.


5. Mitchell Pritchett -- Modern Family


Mitchell is a career man, which is the case for a lot of Slytherins. Being a lawyer is important to him, but more than that, it's being the best lawyer he can be. When he does his job, he does it beyond what is expected of him, like any clever, driven Slytherin. He's a shoe-in.

6. Cory Baxter -- That's So Raven


I really hope there's a student organization at Hogwarts for Slytherins who love money because that's where Cory belongs. He likes to have money, spend money, and save money, but getting it is his favorite part. Cory develops elaborate and ambitious schemes to get rich, and he likes to put forth that (sometimes extremely creative) effort. He'd be happy in Slytherin, and Slytherin would be happy to have him.

7. Andy Bernard -- The Office


This might be an unpopular decision, but I think Andy is a total Slytherin. That's not a bad thing, either. Andy has a naturally competitive spirit and big goals for himself. He quits his job at Dunder Mifflin to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming famous. Also, he'll say and do just about anything to get the job, sale, or person he wants. He has the cunning charisma every Slytherin needs, and that's what makes him so loved.

8. Tom Haverford -- Parks and Recreation


Tom is caught among Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff, but in the end, I think the Sorting Hat would settle on Slytherin. Tom has big, lavish dreams that require a lot of work and personal skills. These are Tom's two favorite things. He's highly motivated, knows how to appeal to people, and has the business skills of any self-respecting Slytherin.


9. Jack McFarland -- Will and Grace


Jack is a classic Slytherin/Hufflepuff hat stall, but if he had the choice, I think Jack would choose Slytherin. That's where his best friend, Karen, would be. Also, Jack would know that Slytherin is where you go to make your wildest dreams come true. Being exposed to the professional tenacity that Slytherin offers would have him doing more than "Just Jack."

10. Captain Roy Montgomery -- Castle


Remember Captain Montgomery? He borders on Gryffindor and Slytherin, but in the end, his true nature is with that green and silver. Montgomery looks out for himself for most of his life, even when he's supposed to care about his wife, kids, and his subordinates more. He's not the most admirable Slytherin in the world, but he's a Slytherin. Sorry, guys.

11. Kevin McCallister -- Home Alone

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Alright, back to someone who makes Slytherin look good. Kevin is the smartest person in the room. He's resourceful, unstoppable, and sly when it comes to protecting himself and his house. Or New York City. Or whatever needs protecting. Kevin's two steps ahead of you, like any Slytherin.

12. Kurt Hummel -- Glee


Kurt knows what he wants, and he doesn't stop pressing until he gets there. He is very much the pilot of his own life. He isn't afraid to test his limits because he's not sure he has any. That's Slytherin. Welcome home.


13. Rico -- Hannah Montana


Rico is the most annoying Slytherin of all time. His ambition is all about annoying people. But damn if he's not relentless in that goal. He always gets exactly what he wants because he doesn't stop until that's possible. He's probably the Draco Malfoy of his age.

14. Jack Donaghy -- 30 Rock


Jack Donaghy is in Slytherin, and he loves it there. He has that sense of relentless competition with himself and with others that Slytherins admire in one another. When he hates you, he wants to bring you down, and when he loves you, he'll do whatever it takes to lift you up. He has a dry, Slytherin wit, and he would have wept when named Head Boy.

15. Aladdin -- Aladdin


Aladdin is ambition in a human body... er, a cartoon body. He's so passionate about making a new life and a successful life for himself that he'll do anything to get there, including pose as a prince. This also highlights his cunning creativity, which he's full of. Aladdin is one of those heroic Slytherins that we forget about.

16. Dr. Frank N. Furter -- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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The master has one goal: in just seven days, he can make you a man. And he does that. He does that a lot. He constantly competes with himself and his — would you call them his staff? Well, if that's what they are, Frank competes with them and always wants to outdo the last best thing. On a negative side, he's hella manipulative and very persuasive. Welcome to Slytherin.


17. Schmidt -- New Girl


Schmidt is ambitious in all the areas. He wants to be the best at his job, the best friend to Nick, and the sharpest dresser in all of LA. Schmidt accomplishes all of these things because he can't be stopped. Once he catches onto something, he doesn't give up. He once chased Cece to a basketball game to get her to stop dating Coach. That's determination only a Slytherin could have.

18. Jay Gatsby -- The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby is the kind of guy who really, really wanted to be in Ravenclaw, but he's way more of a Slytherin. His color is green, for crying out loud. Gatsby likes reminding people, and himself, of all the cool stuff he has because he worked for it. He's big on impressing people, and his ambition can be found in his never ending quest for Daisy Buchanan's love. He might not like it, but he's a Slytherin for sure.

19. Bob Gaudio -- Jersey Boys

Warner Bros. Entertainment

OK, I know Gaudio was a real person, but this was a characterization, right? Right. No one on this list exemplifies the good and the bad of Slytherin more than this guy. He's ambitious, creative, a keen businessman, and when he wants something, "dogged pursuit" isn't even accurate enough to describe his fervor. Only a Slytherin could have written chart toppers as a teenager. On the other hand, he is manipulative of his friends and pretty damn self-serving. Probably a Slytherin prefect and perfect for the job.

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