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19 Female TV Characters Who Are Obviously Hufflepuffs

These patient ladies are true and unafraid of toil.

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1. Sookie St. James — Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros. Television

If hard work and loyalty are the defining characteristics of a Hufflepuff, Sookie fits the bill like no other. Working is, like, her favorite thing to do, and she's good at it. There's no better friend in Stars Hollow than Sookie. That's so Hufflepuff.

2. Lanie Parish — Castle


Lanie has the boldness of a Gryffindor, but her selflessness wins out over it. She's dedicated to her job, her friends, and her family. When she's extremely successful, she's not a braggart about it at all. She has Gryffindor traits with all the patient kindness of a true Hufflepuff.

3. Pam Beesly Halpert — The Office


Pam falls under the "reserved Hufflepuff" category. She's kind to all, puts her everything behind her job even when sales gets tough, and she'll be loyal to you until the end. Unless you're Roy that one time. But even Hufflepuffs can make mistakes.

4. Tara Maclay — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Warner Bros. Television

Out of every prospective Hufflepuff, no one deserves it more than Tara. She never thinks of anyone before herself, and that's what makes her so sweet, loving, and Hufflepuff. Once Tara loves you, you are under her protection and guidance forever. Her loyalty is almost a detriment to her character, but that's what makes her such an obvious Puff.


5. Ann Perkins — Parks and Recreation


Ann is a hard worker who doesn't want a lot of credit for what she does. She's just willing to help out, and she's not a selfish person whatsoever. Her caring nature and fierce ability to be a friend make her a model Hufflepuff.

6. Emily Fields — Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family

If you've got a secret, you better believe a Hufflepuff like Emily can keep it. She will be your friend until the end, even after she thinks you're dead (her unabashed loyalty to Alison, anyone?). She never stops when she wants to do something, she rarely complains about her work, and she opens her heart to practically anyone.

7. Jess Day — New Girl


Trying is Jess' favorite thing to do. Her career is all about helping young kids become smarter, and she's the best friend anyone in or outside of the loft could ask for. Such a Hufflepuff. Such great Badger representation.

8. Bonnie Bennett — The Vampire Diaries


Bonnie is very in touch with her emotions, but not selfishly, which is the Hufflepuff dynamic. She's quick to forgive her mother, who abandoned her as a child, something the other Houses would probably struggle with. No matter what, Bonnie tries her best to save the world she knows -- not for the glory, but for the inherent good.


9. Sue Heck — The Middle


"Isn't trying your hardest so much fun?" This is an actual quote by Sue Heck, and I think Hufflepuff should adopt it as its new motto. This girl just does not give up. She was about to get cut from the no-cut cross country team because she hurt her leg, but she ran around the track, anyway. That's practically a Hufflepuff legend.

10. Alex Nunez — Degrassi

CTV Television Network

This rebel seems like the poster child for Gryffindor, but her pure and giving heart is too prominent, so Hufflepuff wins out. Alex cares much more about her friends and ex-girlfriend Paige than she does about herself. She is always motivated to become a better, less self-absorbed person, which is a very Hufflepuff goal.

11. Lilly Truscott — Hannah Montana


Being a friend is Lilly's top priority in life, and she is good at it. She doesn't need the frills of celebrity life, even though she likes them. True friendship and loyalty are Lilly's real favorite things, and any Hufflepuff would be impressed with her ability to love and care.

12. Kelly Epson — Hawthorne


Being in the medical field is quite the Hufflepuff career choice, but Nurse Kelly takes it a step further. She's one of the most caring and understanding characters I can think of. When a girl named Cassie is hurting because she's coming to terms with her sexuality, Kelly is there to comfort her and tell her it's going to get better. No one can empathize like a Hufflepuff.


13. Lizzie McGuire — Lizzie McGuire


Unfailingly sweet Lizzie fits in nowhere better than she fits into Hufflepuff. Sure, sometimes she tries to act a little Gryffindor or Slytherin, but that's not where the kind and mild girl belongs. Her love for her friends and family and her willingness to always give it a try makes her one heck of a Hufflepuff.

14. Quinn Perkins — Scandal


Out of everyone at Pope and Associates, Quinn is probably the most truly caring. She sees the very best in people, even the dubious ones. When she's tempted to do something cruel, her kind heart stops her. Quinn doesn't want to be a gladiator in a suit for the victory. She wants to be a gladiator in a suit because it's the right thing to do.

15. Boo Jordan — Bunheads

ABC Family

This show was short-lived, but it gave us a great example of an awesome Hufflepuff. Boo is totally dedicated to her craft as a ballet dancer, and she loves what she does. The harder the work, the happier she is. She's a loyal friend, mild mannered, and a wonderful Hufflepuff.

16. Miranda Bailey — Grey's Anatomy


Dr. Bailey is a hard worker, even when she doesn't get the credit she deserves. Naturally, she's very maternal, taking care of people as though they are her own children. She doesn't ask for winnings and isn't naturally competitive. She's just an all around good person, unafraid of hard work.


17. Joan Watson — Elementary


Of course, Joan is very brave, but her brave and crusade for the good fight are motivated by goodness's sake. She sacrificed her career as a surgeon because she felt as though she had done wrong and then chose to dedicate her life to helping people in other ways. Joan is an open-hearted warrior like the best of the Hufflepuffs.

18. Regina Vasquez — Switched at Birth

ABC Family

Regina is such a strong caretaker that we have to think of new words to describe how strong she is. She loves all of her children like crazy, and even though she struggles with addiction problems, she always manages to put her children first. Any Hufflepuff would do the same.

19. Anna — Once Upon A Time


Nothing is more important to Anna than family. She would do anything to keep her sister safe and happy. Anna isn't motivated by heroism, but she is pulled by a force of pure love and compassion when she works tirelessly toward a goal. That's nothing but Hufflepuff, my friends.

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