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12 Times Burt And Virginia Chance Made You Believe In True Love

"You're it for me forever."

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1. When Virginia Was Convinced 2012 Was the End of the World...


And Burt totally let her do her thing, even though he thought it was a load of rubbish. Any man who wakes up for impromptu "attack the alien" lessons for two years is a man who loves his wife like crazy.

2. When They Made a Sex Tape That Actually Showed So Much Kindness and Consideration...


That the people who found it edited it down and used it to show their sons how to treat their partners. And this show got canceled? How are young boys supposed to figure out how to treat the ones they love now?

4. When They Talked about What They Would Do If the Other Died...


Which ended in them swearing, "You're it for me forever." How cute is that? Admittedly made less cute by Burt saying he'd have Virginia's corpse stuffed and put in the corner of their living room... actually, no, that's still pretty cute.

10. When They Actually Tried to Find a Common Hobby


And they tried the things they thought they would hate just to make the other one happy. Love is sacrifice, children. Even if that sacrifice comes in the form of the Debby Boone Fan Club.

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