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    • Bovo

      The New York Board of Health and Bloomberg are wrong. I do not understand why this is hard to grasp. If i want to buy a five gallon bucket of lightly watered sugar and pour the whole thing through a beerbong into my gullet, that’s my business, not theirs and not yours. The cigarette bans are wrong. If i want to run a bar and grill that smokes all of its meat in the cool refreshing flavor of kools, while cigarettes dangle from every orifice of the patrons and staff, and you don’t like it, you can walk your ass half a block to the next one.

    • Bovo

      I used to be one of those nice guys, and whileidon’t believeiever expect sex,Icertainly failed to understand how emotionally manipulativeIcould be.  That being said,Ithinkawoman in this situation needs to look to herself and ask if she knew he felt the way he did. Did she ask or allow him to do “nice guy things” for her? Everyone likes to have their ego stroked, butIguarantee you if her new guy friend is there stroking that ego and doing little things just to make her happy— he likes her andIthink she knows it. While yes it is bullshit for him to think that shes then obligated to some relationship, it is equally bullshit to act all surprised and victimy, when he “reveals” his interest. This “nice guy” thing as well as many others seems to me reflective ofatheme common in relationships today, in which the man is not only supposed to accept the woman’s decisions and move on(which he should), but to embrace it as the right decision with no hurt feelings, no resentment, only goodwill. That also is bullshit.

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