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The Daft Punk Bodies of Youtube, Top 10

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the Top 10 remakes of the original Daft Punk Bodies video. Selections were made on the basis of WTF, OMG, TRASHY, LOL, and dance skillz.

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  • The Original, with over 6.5 million views

    This humble web video is a star. Two girls, not a lot of clothing, a kick-ass soundtrack, and a sick dance routine. It spawned a genre of youtube clones, the best of which I am about to reveal.

  • #10 The Drunk Version

    Youtube does not get better than the first 15 seconds of this video. It is all anyone is ever looking for. I have to hand it to these girls for delivering a solid routine, despite their inebriation. Kudos.

  • #9 SISTERS!

    Yes, these girls are sisters. They are also, well, sisters. That is just about all I can say. I think there might have been another song written about sisters like these, but it is escaping me.

  • #8 Jazzercise

    To be honest with you, I didn't know Jazzercise was a thing. They really pull it off though and it must be said that they are excellent Jazzercisers.

  • #7 The Winehouse Edition

    Okay, not really. But this might be the most technically proficient (video and sound quality. dance routine, look) of the remakes.


    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Sideways! Holy shit? That is amazing. You girls are first class. And young. Really young. And sideways. Really, that did it for me. A complete rejection of youtube as we know it.

  • #5 Bras

    Okay, I am completely pandering to the public with this one. Terrible sound, terrible marking of the bodies with words, and a pretty uninspired routine. But, one youtube commenter said so profoundly, "wtf? This video only has 11k views? They're in their bras! I thought there would be more views than this! " (thx halo3pro45)

  • #4 Clone, fit gymnasts?

    Wow are they fit. And short. And clones.

  • #3 Bag Monster Bikinis

    They deserve more than 1,500 views. I mean, they are really not wearing many clothes. Also, the bag-head thing must be someone's fetish, right? That's why this exists, isn't it?

  • #2 These Women could teach you a thing or two

    For some reason, this video may not be suitable for minors. Is it because the ladies in the video are, for once, actually not minors? WTF? Has youtube not been paying attention to any of the other videos? These are some earnest women rocking the remake in a classic and, might a say, sexy way. You go girl!

  • #1 The Winner! They got moves.

    These single ladies know a thing or two about a thing or two. First off, they throw in a cameo from Kanye West half-way through and totally blow your mind. What you say? They are like really young? What? No, look at the moves, they are money. You are the perv.


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