• bogpeople

      Your comments regarding this woman and this child reflect a fundamental misunderstanding and misappropriation of the mammalian parental strategy, and reproduction itself. It is pure misogyny under a thin pretense of empty paternalistic superiority that does nothing other than getting your own brain high on the sensation that you have asserted yourself into the cheapest and most meaningless of “dominant” positions. Young men deserve better role models of masculinity.

    • bogpeople

      wanting your children to exist to fulfill your dreams is entirely self-serving. perfect children and perfect people do not exist, and such unrealistic expectations can be very damaging (perhaps your hopes would be better suited with a doll, which will always fulfill your projection of this “perfect little girly girl” and never develop into an actual human being in all its complexity).
      also, there is no such thing as a “serious gender issue.” The issue is that there is widespread cultural discrimination against people whose gender identity and/or presentation varies from an enforced binary norm. It is ok to be sad that your child might face hatred on account of who they are, and that things might be harder for them. one of the best things you can do for your child if this is the case is to make sure they know that they have a supportive family who loves them for who they are from day one, because not everyone will. that goes for all children.

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