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    The Best Basketball Jerseys At Pitchfork Music Festival

    A lot of people wore basketball jerseys to Pitchfork Music Festival. So we made a team.

    This past weekend, Chicago's Near West Side played host to the Pitchfork Music Festival. Curated by music publication Pitchfork, 2015 marked the fest's 10th year.

    With temps in the high 80s and 90s throughout the weekend, more than a few people in the crowd wore basketball jerseys to combat the heat. So, we did the obvious thing and decided to create an entire team.

    Starting Center – Shaquille O'Neal

    Starting Shooting Guard – Michael Jordan

    Starting Point Guard – Russell Westbrook

    Starting Small Forward – Dominique Wilkins

    Starting Power Forward – Kevin Durant

    Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant

    Point Guard – Gary Payton

    Power Forward/Center – Kevin Garnett

    Shooting Guard/Small Forward – Penny Hardaway

    Point Guard – Mugsy Bogues

    Power Forward – Dennis Rodman

    Small Forward – Jabari Parker

    Alternate Point Guard – Tim Hardaway

    Alternate Shooting Guard/Small Forward – Michael Finley

    Alternate Power Forward – Ben Wallace

    Alternate Small Forward – Bill Murray

    Cut – Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Cut – Mike Bibby

    Cut – Jerry Stackhouse

    Cut – Jesus Shuttlesworth

    Cut – Michael Jordan (Wizards Edition)

    Cut – Dan Majerle

    Cut – Harold Miner

    And finally, whatever this thing is.