Serena Williams Falls As Wimbledon Favorites Continue Hindenburg Impression

Sabine Lisicki pulls off yet another 2013 All-England upset.

1. First it was Rafael Nadal going down in Round 1.

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He lost to Steve Darcis.

2. Then Roger Federer got straight tooken out in Round 2.

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By Sergiy Stakhovsky.

3. And so did Maria Sharapova.

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She lost to Michelle Larcher de Brito.

4. And today, 23rd-seeded Sabine “Stay Up All Night To” Lisicki defeated Serena Williams in three sets in the Round of 16.

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It took several tries for BuzzFeed Sports staffers to correctly guess where Lisicki was from. (It’s Germany.) Incorrect answers included Australia and, somehow, Japan.

5. Only three competitors remain in the entire tournament after these bloodbaths: Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and a groundhog that accidentally wandered onto Centre Court.

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Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images


6. Good luck out there, groundhog.

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