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    13 Basketball References In Rap Lyrics That Have Aged Very Poorly

    Kelvin Cato and Tyrone Nesby in the building!

    If you're a rapper and you pick the wrong baller to compare yourself to, "I'm like [name of player]" can very quickly switch from meaning "I'm awesome" to "I'm irrelevant, unsuccessful and probably overweight." Below, the finest examples of this phenomenon, with hat tips to Spin, Bleacher Report, and this excellent Both Team Plays Hard compilation.

    1. Hedo Turkoglu

    2. Chris Duhon

    3. Larry Brown

    4. Cedric Ceballos

    5. Larry Hughes

    6. Flip Murray

    7. Stephon Marbury

    8. Brevin Knight

    9. Ron Mercer

    10. Darius Miles

    11. Tyrone Nesby

    12. Kelvin Cato

    13. Jamaal Tinsley

    The lesson: rappers who want to talk about the NBA don't just need to be good at rapping. They also, as talent evaluators, need to be on their game like Gregg Popovich. (Feel free to steal that one.)