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    • blufaer1e

      My husband and I have been together now for 8 years. Here is the story of how we met. I followed a (now ex) boyfriend to College Station, Texas. I signed a lease and the next day we broke up. I ended up going to Blinn Junior College and to make friends I went to a college youth group. That morning that first youth group was on a rafting trip and I was redirected to a second youth group next door. My now-husband, Sean, was there. Sean accidentally ended up in College Station too— he switched the deadlines for UT and A&M and applied to UT late and A&M early. Sean would sit next to me during youth group so he could hold my hand during the exiting prayer. During a pie party Sean made sure to get a massive piece of the pie I made. We dated throughout college; he graduated and I transferred to UT. After I graduated with my master’s, he proposed on a rooftop in downtown Austin on Christmas Eve. We were married that July surrounded by and celebrating with our families and friends. Two and a half years later we are expecting our first child next month. The amount of coincidences that led to how Sean and I met are outrageous and I am so thankful we did. I like to see love as a verb—loving someone is an action. It is a dance between people. There is a give and take. We support and lean on each other during hard times. We take long walks with our dog and talk through our dreams, fears, and challenges. We dance in our kitchen while we make dinner. We share. We love. His hand fits perfectly with mine and he gives the best hugs. He is my best friend. He is my home wherever we happen to be. I am so excited the two of us is about to become three.

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