• 1. John Harbaugh - Baltimore Ravens

    My personal favorite. Handsome, poised, and looks his best when he’s pissed off. Just the fact that he orders Ray Lewis around makes him three kinds of sexy.

  • 2. Josh McDaniels - Denver Broncos

    It’s hard to find a coach in the NFL who doesn’t look like he was born in 1900. But this guy looks like the one you socialize with over a solo cup at the frat party keg. And just look at that boyish grin.

  • 3. Sean Payton - New Orleans Saints

    A silver fox with dreamy eyes - and who can forget his adorable elation when the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010?

  • 4. Mike Tomlin - Pittsburgh Steelers

    Omar Epps? Is that you?

  • 5. Todd Haley - Kansas City Chiefs

    Ooook, this one might be a bit of a stretch. But I’m a sucker for blue eyes and Mr. Haley gives off a scruffy bad-boy vibe that’s hard to deny.