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The 14 Best "Keep Calm and Carry On" Spoof Posters

The "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster has recently had a resurgence in popularity (and that is a major understatement). And, like all popular things, it wasn't long before people decided to take the concept into their own hands, and a meme was born. There are a lot of tired ones out there, so I did my best to compile the best of the best. Keep calm and scroll down, already!

  • 1. The Original.


  • 2. Keep Calm and Cary Grant

    Puns and Hitchcock movies = double win. Via.

  • 3. Literal

    I guess this guy pretty much nailed what I'm trying to showcase here. Via.

  • 4. Keep Calm and Drink Beer

    I proudly have this one hanging above my bar. Via.

  • 5. Keep Calm and Take Financial Advice


  • 6. Polar Opposites


  • 7. Keep Calm and Rock On (Version 1)


  • 8. Keep Calm and Rock On (Version 2)


  • 9. Batman


  • 10. Antoine Dodson

    A meme within a meme? Heaven. Via.

  • 11. Meme

    Another literal delight. Via.

  • 12.


  • 13. Carrion

    Another pun for the record books. Via.

  • 14. Zombies

    Always good to end on a zombie note. Via.