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    • Bitrat

      He’s in a camp? Ha ha ha ha! Been there, done that. Not to in any way belittle anyone, there’s a vast difference between a Federal Prison Camp and an FCI, a USP or (god help you) a Supermax.
      An FPC is far superior to any county lockup, believe me - you can take classes, engage in sports, order books, even earn (miniscule) amounts of money at various jobs. He can thank the Goddess that he’s in a place where there’s little to no violence (gang members or violent offenders don’t make it to a camp) and that he has a chance at the DAP program (a series of drug awareness classes that at least used to get you 9 months off). Now I have no idea what his real offense was, or whether justice was served in his case (in my drug case I was guilty and felt I got a just sentence in their lights - we can argue the justice of the controlled substances act all day), but again, calling his imprisonment “tragic” is to belittle the status of million of non-violent offenders that are doing REALLY hard time for a few pounds of cannabis or whatever…..Yes, they played the game, but like Mr. McTiernan they have received excessively harsh, draconian sentences for consensual non-violent crimes……Welcome to the United States Of Incarceration. Hope he uses his time productively, and prayers for his family and all the families suffering under this tyranny of “law”….Like Richard Pryor said, “in the halls of justice, it’s just us in the halls”, only it’s not just Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, it’s every one now. Let’s lock up a few investment bankers and SEC people that allowed the 2008 crash to happen….maybe? Cheers…..

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