• 11. Metallica’s Black Album

    Everyone knows who did this first.

  • 10. The punk band None More Black

    And here’s exactly where they did it first.

  • 9. The Simpsons E.57

    9. The Simpsons E.57

    “We were told they knew how to rock in Shelbyville. But nobody rocks like… Springfield.”

  • 8. American Express advertisements

    Best possible use of the pre-Tap Thamesmen’s “Gimme Some Money.”

  • 7. Toy Story’s Emperor Zurg

    7. Toy Story's Emperor Zurg

    His gun goes to 11.

  • 6. Guitar Hero II’s final level

    Complete the game in career mode, playing Stonehenge, and your drummer explodes.

  • 5. Chris Jericho’s entrance to the WCW’s 1998 Fall Brawl

    Similar problems are often encountered at Cleveland’s Xanadu Star Theatre.

  • 4. Joe Satriani’s The Satch Tapes documentary

    Further blurring the line between Spinal Tap and real life.

  • 3. Volkswagon advertisements

    Still a viable commercial commodity in 2006.

  • 2. National Geographic educational films

    Clearly pulling out all the stops enlisting experts for their Stonehenge Decoded project. CLICK FOR NUMBER 1(1/11/1111)