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22 Times Carefree Black Boys Gave You Goals

Warning: Some of these guys are too carefree to handle.

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1. This goals AF afro and beard situation (and let's talk about that perfect septum piercing).

Combed my hair & did a carefree pose so can someone please invite me to #sheabutter Twitter now

2. These coordinated WOEs.

3. This dude's superior headgear, and his cute flower accessory.

4. The complementary colour scheme of this flower crown.

5. This guy's amazing and impassioned choreographic ode to a forgotten classic.

 🎶I think I'll sing it again🎶

6. This display of unadulterated glee.


7. This heaven-sent smize.

Tyra would approve, sir.

8. These incredible boys who I expect to be supporting Beyoncé on tour very soon.

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9. This gorgeous flower child.

10. These LIT guys.

11. This dude's soulful eyes as accentuated by perfect flower distribution.

12. This guy, his broom, and Beyoncé.

13. This boy in a tie-dyed T-shirt who's letting the music take him where it wants.

14. These dudes managing to stunt in mortar boards.

15. The participants of this nonsensical freestyle OF LIFE.

Check out the assorted nae naes on display.

16. This incredibly gorgeous, flower-adorned loc fishtail braid.

That's art, my friend. Art.

17. This guy who put flowers on his shoes, so there's always a meadow at his feet.


18. This beach bum passing his time in the surf, chill AF.

19. This 🔥 crew who honestly just came out here to have a good time.

Little (black) Einsteins, all of them.

20. This graduate who's too damn fly.

21. Black-ish actor Miles Brown in this downright adorable pose.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

22. And finally, THE MOST CAREFREE CLASSROOM EVER with this 🔥 remix of the The Backyardigans theme tune.

The added percussion is exactly what was needed, thank you!

Go be carefree, fam!