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It's A Sad Day: The Goonies House Is Now Off Limits

For years thousand have made the pilgrimage to Astoria, OR to catch a glimpse of The famous "Goonies House". As of today that opportunity has ended.

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Everyone who has seen the Goonies remembers the original house that Mikey and Brand lived in.

You know, the one that Chunk did the "Truffle Shuffle" in front of.

For years this is what people saw when they visited the actual location of the house at 368 38th Street, Astoria, OR 97103

Tim Rodenberg / Flickr

As of today.... this is what you see.

It has totally been covered by a blue tarp.

It has totally been covered by a blue tarp.

Accompanied by this sign.

Along with an abbreviated explanation and instructions to write a letter.

Which you totally should do.


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