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    9 World Famous Street Artists You Never Would Have Guessed Are In Cincinnati

    Cincinnati is chock full of amazing local artists but the city is not exactly known for being the street art capital of the world. However, with the help of places like The Contemporary Arts Center, BLDG, YES Gallery and AGAR, the city is surprisingly well represented by world famous street artists from across the Globe.

    1. Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles, California)

    Arnold's Bar and Grill - 210 E. 8th Street. He has pieces up all over town but Arnold's seems to have the best preserved one. Fairey really needs no explanation but if you would like to learn more about him you can do so here and here is where you can find this one on google maps here.

    2. Os Gêmeos (São Paulo, Brazil)

    4024 Hamilton Ave. Identical Twin Brothers and street art legends, Os Gemeos are known the world over. This piece has been up in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood for over ten years and it still looks great. You can learn more about them here and you can pinpoint the exact location of the mural here.

    3. Matt W. Moore (Portland, Maine)

    The Corner of Clay St. and Melindy St. This bad boy is hidden away on a small street in Cincinnati's Over The Rhine neighborhood. You can check out the awesome mural project he did in MarseIille, Lyon, and Paris, France here and you can find the mural on google maps here.

    4. JR (Paris, France)

    Arnold's Bar and Grill - 210 e. 8th St. JR is the only artist to ever win the TED prize and is well known for drawing attention to social injustice. This particular piece is part of his unframed series. You can find it downtown tucked away in Arnold's courtyard. You can learn more about JR here and you can find this piece on google maps: here.

    5. Scribe (Kansas City, Missouri)

    4024 Hamilton Ave. Not only is Scribe one of America's most well respected graffiti artists but he is also the Art Director at Children's Mercy Hospital and written a well known children's book. You can learn more about Scribe here: here and you can pinpoint the exact location of the mural here: here.

    6. Alexandre "VHILS" Farto (Portugal)

    Mainstay Rock Bar - 301 W. 5th Street. Not just any artists main tool is a jackhammer. Vhils is inspired by the faces of ordinary people in the communities he visits. The man in the piece is actually Tim Dwight, The president of Motch Jewelers in Covington, KY. You can learn more about Vhils here and find the exact location of this mural here.

    7. The London Police (Amsterdam, Holland)

    Amerasia - 521 Madison Ave. Covington, KY. This mural is but one of the fifteen or so murals that The TLP have painted just a short trip over the bridge in Covington, KY. Known for their extremely clean lines and exclusive use of black and white, Covington was more than happy to have their city redecorated by the talented duo. You can learn more about them here and find it on a map here.

    8. Barry "Twist" Mcgee (San Francisco, California)

    Above NADA - 600 Walnut Street. An important statement in the world of street art is "Always look up". This one is high up enough to keep anyone from getting up to and has been up there for over ten years. Calling Barry Mcgee a legend is an understatement and some would say that his work is a perfect example of 90's graffiti era style. You can learn more about him here and see exactly were this mural is here.

    9. Maser (Dublin, Ireland)

    522 E. 12th St. This colorful piece was done by Ireland's most in demand street artist and is tucked away on the side of this building in the Pendleton Arts District. You can also find his work in Austria, Belgium, Copenhagen, Germany, Holland, London, Prague, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and more. You can learn more about him here and get the google street view of it here.

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