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    9 World Famous Street Artists You Never Would Have Guessed Are In Cincinnati

    Cincinnati is chock full of amazing local artists but the city is not exactly known for being the street art capital of the world. However, with the help of places like The Contemporary Arts Center, BLDG, YES Gallery and AGAR, the city is surprisingly well represented by world famous street artists from across the Globe.

    1. Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles, California)

    2. Os Gêmeos (São Paulo, Brazil)

    3. Matt W. Moore (Portland, Maine)

    4. JR (Paris, France)

    5. Scribe (Kansas City, Missouri)

    6. Alexandre "VHILS" Farto (Portugal)

    7. The London Police (Amsterdam, Holland)

    8. Barry "Twist" Mcgee (San Francisco, California)

    9. Maser (Dublin, Ireland)