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    21 Little Orgasms That Every Woman Has Had At Some Point In Their Life

    There's NOTHING better than pulling your underwear out of your ass.

    1. Few things offer as much pleasure as adjusting your underwear after they've been wedged between your cheeks for hours.

    Rachael Spano / Via Twitter: @rachaelspano

    Same goes for extracting your thong, or yanking your bikini out of your ass.

    2. But it pales in comparison to slipping out of your bra after a long day...

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    3. And if you can manage to do it without taking off your shirt first, all the better.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    4. Unless you've got a large bust, that is. In that case, it's sheer bliss to wear something that keeps everything in place.


    And nothing with wires, either. We're talking pure softness.

    5. Only the truly fortunate among us can get through the first two days of their period without making a total mess out of their underwear.

    Vadimguzhva / Getty Images

    6. What about feeling your legs when they're a little hairy?

    Nickel_bell / Getty Images

    Not so bad yet that you look like a bear, but just hairy enough that they feel like a cactus when you pass your hands over them.

    7. But even better is shaving without missing a single spot.

    Pejo29 / Getty Images

    Not even on your knees, your ankles, or any other awkward places.

    8. Finding a good movie, song, or TV show to cry about when you just feel like crying.


    9. Winning an argument you were having with yourself is pure pleasure.

    Artistan / Getty Images

    Nobody is better insulting you than you, and you're always your own worst enemy, but at least it's all in your head.

    10. How good does it feel to kick off your heels after a long night of being up on your toes?

    Piranka / Getty Images

    Just like that, the fire in the soles of your feet is extinguished.

    11. Only winners can pee without sitting down and without excruciating muscle pain, all while managing to hit their target.


    12. It feels fan-tas-tic to get all the hair off your brush in one big clump.

    odditymall / Via

    13. And there's nothing like pulling an ingrown hair out on the first try.

    Robertodavid / Getty Images

    14. Getting your nails done and having them last more than two days without chipping or peeling? Mission: impossible.

    mmarks710 / Via Twitter: @mmarks710

    15. But you have to admit, it's amazing to peel off your nail polish all in one go.

    sugarpuffish / Via Twitter: @sugarpuffish

    16. It's never easy to unravel all your necklaces, but when you manage to do it, it's an occasion worth celebrating.


    17. It's always a treat to lie down with one hand down your pants, and your other hand on your chest (under your shirt, of course).

    M-gucci / Getty Images

    18. Who can say why, but there's something nice about staring at yourself in the mirror and bawling your eyes out.

    Shironosov / Getty Images

    19. It's also never not fun to cover your nipples with your own hair, as if you were someone out of a Renaissance painting or a Playboy model.

    Columbia Pictures

    This only applies if you have long hair, obviously. But it's a perk.

    20. Almost as much fun as grabbing your breasts and pushing them up like you were wearing a corset (but without any of the pain).


    21. But none of it compares to looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling because you know you're perfect just the way you are.

    Irina Griskova / Getty Images

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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