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21 Little Orgasms That Every Woman Has Had At Some Point In Their Life

There's NOTHING better than pulling your underwear out of your ass.

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1. Few things offer as much pleasure as adjusting your underwear after they've been wedged between your cheeks for hours.


6. What about feeling your legs when they're a little hairy?

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Not so bad yet that you look like a bear, but just hairy enough that they feel like a cactus when you pass your hands over them.


9. Winning an argument you were having with yourself is pure pleasure.

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Nobody is better insulting you than you, and you're always your own worst enemy, but at least it's all in your head.


19. It's also never not fun to cover your nipples with your own hair, as if you were someone out of a Renaissance painting or a Playboy model.

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This only applies if you have long hair, obviously. But it's a perk.

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