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    Meet The Man Who Can Cosplay As A Disney Princess Better Than You

    He's 22, he's a dude, and he can do makeup better than anyone.

    Meet Richard Schaefer. He's a 22-year-old makeup artist, and he might be the best there is.

    Schaefer is studying design in California and his talent for makeup is undeniable.

    Oops! Sorry, Emma Watson — you've been fired. We're just going to have Richard Schaefer play Belle now.

    And there probably isn't a live-action Hunchback of Notre-Dame movie coming out soon, but there should be!

    He makes the perfect Ariel, and a helluva Prince Eric too.

    Amy Adams is probably jealous of this Giselle.

    Twentysomething from California, or ACTUALLY Merida from Brave?

    And his Pocahontas is absolutely remarkable.

    All he needs to make fairy tales come to life is a wig, costumes, and makeup.

    And all you need to do to enter his world of fantasy is click follow! (It's right there, above the photo.)

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